Trade Shows in UAE
18 Nov 2019

Abu Dhabi – Oil Rich and a Financial Powerhouse

Abu Dhabi – Oil Rich and a Financial Powerhouse

Abu Dhabi is our last stop on our UAE tour. If you’re unfamiliar with this series, Trade Fair Trips is currently touring the world and presenting you trade fairs and exhibition across the entire world. We’ve already covered events in Germany, France and Italy!

The Emirates follow a very similar economic trajectory. First, there’s the wealth rooted in the gas and petroleum industry. Second, there’s their attempt to diversify. Third, finances almost always are one of the first industries to be developed. Abu Dhabi finds itself the host of many crucial institutions. In this case, it’s the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. In similar fashion to Abu Dhabi, you have the presence of many internationally significant corporations and brands establish a presence here. Education ranks now high on the list of developments with prestigious public and private educational facilities welcoming students from all over the world.

ADNEC is where the International Convention Centre (ICC) Abu Dhabi is hosted and you’ll find a futuristic space that caters to the needs of many. When it comes to conferences, the ICC easily seats 6000, delivers superior acoustics and presents you with the incredible audio-visual technology you’d expect in the UAE. To make things even more convenient, you have two on site hotels in conjunction to house exhibitors and attendees of fairs and exhibitions. The halls are incredibly spacious, each running anywhere between 3000 to 5000 square metres and this size gives them their multipurpose flexibility. Don’t forget the massive atrium, which is a real show-stopper. Standing at 3,079 square metres, this glass-panelled event space makes quite an impression.

IDEX: The defence industry has a large stage in the face of this exhibition scheduled for February and every year, it attracts GCC and MENA countries to do business, set the standard on an international scale and showcase the latest technological advancements. We are talking over 1200 companies, which have brought their very best equipment and vehicles, and more than 101,000 trade visitors. It’s an event you simply can’t afford to miss.

ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR: The program for this influential fair is set for the period of late April – early May and promises to continue this event’s tradition and proud history. When it comes to the markets in Middle East and North Africa, this is the place to bridge markets and increase your influence. Numbers speak and are impressive. You can expect over 1200 publishing houses and 265,000 trade visitors.

In the case you’ve found the next trade fair you’ll visit, get in touch with Trade Fair Trips ltd so we can plan your business trip in its entirety. Our company provides bespoke hotel rooms: any location, any price range, any capacity. All you need to do is get in touch with our team using the form at our contact form. We also have numerous other events in our database, so be sure to hit us up with requests to find you a trade fair, show or exhibition for your specific industry!

This article concludes our tour of UAE, which means that next week we’re heading to a brand new location. Which one? You have to return and find out!

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