2 Jun 2021

For Decoration & Home Design, There Are 5 Events to Keep Your Eye On

For Decoration & Home Design, There Are 5 Events to Keep Your Eye On

Aesthetics are what drive the world and there’s major business in achieving designs that haven’t been done before. What are the trends that make the world go round? Where are the new market opportunities? Which are the events that generate the most business? We’re bringing you five trade fairs across Europe, which answer these questions in five distinct sectors!

Based in Bologna, Italy, CERSAIE is regarded as a go-to trade fair for ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings in Europe. It makes sense for Italy – which has a rich history of ceramics and marble – to be a source of inspiration and a powerful meeting point between manufacturers, architects and consumers. CERSAIE is much more than a procurement platform. The trade fair dictates trends and tastes across Europe, and as an extension – the rest of the world!

The product portfolio has architects, installers and designers excited. Every major product group’s accounted for – ceramic surfaces, wood floors, wallpaper, other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings. Between special zones like Tiling Town and events like Press Café, CERSAIE is not to be missed.

Interzum, on the other hand, has a wider reach when it comes for home and office furnishings and design. The international trade show resides in Cologne, Germany, and has established itself as a foundation for furniture production and interior design. It’s where you come to connect with lead suppliers of the furniture industry and interior fittings. Interzum is the home for the building blocks of interior design from lighting technology to mattresses and cover materials.

Keeping pace with the future is the main goal at interzum. The biggest evidence for this is the ever-present Trend Stage, which is home to design-relevant trends as they emerge. Alongside evolving aesthetics, technical innovations are also highly regarded as you can see at Green Smart Materials.

We’re staying in Germany for the time being to highlight DOMOTEX Hannover, which holds the record for the largest trade fair for floor coverings on a global scale. It’s a niche, highly specialized event, which translates into access to only target visitors and decent foot traffic by your booth. The product categories cover carpets for residential and commercial areas, wood and laminate floors, resilient and outdoor flooring to parquet, and so much more. Special attention is given to the art of handmade carpets.

As with all previous events on this list, DOMOTEX Hannover is all about determining what the look and feel for the year ahead is going to be. Innovations@Domotex gives glimpses into brand new technological solutions.

Last on our German excursion is, of course, Creativeworld operating out of Frankfurt. Handicraft, Hobby and Artists' Supplies are the focus here. Really, the entire DIY sector and decorations for the home and office. Everything is much more colorful when tastefully styled and decorated. The entire purpose of Creativeworld is boost the profile of companies who manage to bring the sparkle in brand new ways. As such, this trade fair is not so much geared towards the home and office, but the individual end-consumer use.

Currently, the biggest trends have been to do with reusing textile materials to combat the serious environmental impact from over-consumption, and the use of natural materials in DIY.

We round up our list with an interior design trade fair up north in Scandinavia. We’re talking about Formex, of course. Nordic design has dominated the imagination and hearts of people for years in no small part thanks to the dominance of IKEA. But IKEA is only a small fraction of what Nordic design is all about. Discover the full breadth of products made available at Formex from decorative items and lamps to furniture and organic products.

The trade fair has been one of the fastest-growing and enjoys many successes for its exhibitors. For trade visitors, we recommend the Formex Talks, which bring you exciting news on upcoming trends from leading designers and experts.

That’s all we have for you today! Join us again soon to discover more events.

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