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18 Nov 2019

Frankfurt: A Financial Centre of Historical Importance

Frankfurt: A Financial Centre of Historical Importance

Our tour across German cities of significant importance to trade fair continues. First stop on this tour was Munich. In case you missed it, you can read our short guide to this economic powerhouse at length and you should check out our introductory article on the culture of trade fairs in Germany. Go on! Read. We’ll wait right here…

All done? Good. Let’s continue to the next destination on our itinerary – Frankfurt!

Frankfurt holds the title of the German financial capital and it’s entirely earned, because this city has a long legacy, which places Frankfurt on par with Paris and London as banking focal points. It’s not uncommon to hear Frankfurt referred to as Mainhatten; a play on the city’s location on the Main River and the famous Manhattan (we’re sure you know which one). To have statistics talk for a bit – there are over 400 banks and financial institutions in the city and estimations suggest 55,000 people are employed in the financial industry. Those are numbers!

As a financial centre, it’s no wonder Frankfurt boasts a superior transportation system with roads, railways and waterways serviced with the latest in transportation technology, making the city one of the easiest to commute in. People enjoy coming to Frankfurt ever since the Middle Ages, when actually the first trade fairs have been hosted.

This tradition has continued on to modern days and Messe Frankfurt stands as a bright symbol with its 366,637 square metres of indoor exhibition space and an outdoor exhibition area over 96,000 square metres. In great Frankfurt fashion, there are multiple ways to reach the centre and it’s perfect for events of any kind. The halls have showcased consumer goods, textiles, architecture and technology! Visitors cycling in yearly well go in the millions and the event calendar at Messe Frankfurt is always full.

Trade Fair Trips ltd presents you with just three example of large-scale events with international appeal and importance in their respective industries.

AUTOMECHANIKA: All ready to launch in mid-September, this international trade fair packs quite the punch with close to 5000 exhibitioners and 140,000 trade visitors said to participate. This automotive service industry event also impresses with its variety of product sectors represented, its tireless dedication to innovation and reinvention as well as its care for professionals with its 12 distinct workshops. Whether you’re a company or a professional, there is plenty to gain from visiting!

FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR: A Frankfurt fixture and legend, the international book fair is making a come-back with an even bigger platform in October. Apart from promoting great literature from all over the world, the dynamic event is bringing new attention to the political and English-language exhibitors. Long-time visitors will experience the shaken-up layout that allows you to find your area of interest with ease. Chasing the publication dream? The Agents & Scout Centre has put it as their main goal to complete as many deals as possible!

ISH: This trade fair wears many hats with close to 2500 exhibitors displaying their best products and services in building, energy, air conditioning technology and renewable energies with a domestic focus, specifically the bathroom. Scheduled for March, the event is poised to attract close to 200,000 visitors. Given its scope and scale, it’s a powerful marketing research tool for companies, not to mention the ideal stage to build brand recognition and manipulating trends with strong order and sales numbers.

This is where we reach the end of our short excursion to Frankfurt. We hope you’ve reached a new understanding of the city and its historic role as a trade fair centre. Want to learn about additional fairs in Frankfurt? We’re here for you. We’ll be sure to send you a suggestion in Frankfurt, but don’t the city limit you. We have options all over the world.

The next article in this series will take us to scenic Cologne. Be sure to tune in next week

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