Metal Working Industries
18 Nov 2019


Attending trade shows, exhibitions and trade fairs remains the fastest way to remain relevant and competitive in today’s global, fast-paced economy. The metalworking industry is not in any way exempt as trends in automation and technologies focused on using resources in the most sustainable and responsible way makes it all the more important to evolve and grow. Be where innovations happen and ride the wave before your competitors!

If attending an industry event is one of your business goals, then leave it to Trade Fair Trips to make it a resounding success. We’ve selected to highlight three of the largest metalworking exhibitions and we can even arrange your stay the way you want!

BLECHEXPO: Finely tuned to the needs of the sheet metal processing and joining fields, this exhibition has ascended to the top of its tier as a place to learn of breakthroughs, innovations and market trends. The exhibition returns to Stuttgart, Germany in November, the exhibition expects to break its current attendance rates. In addition to sheet metal processing, you also learn about the current of mechanical and thermal joining and connecting procedures as well as thermal welding processes.

EMO HANNOVER: Perhaps the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe, this event is set to bring more than 143,000 professionals to Hannover in the end of September. You have access to more than 2100 exhibitors who will do riveting demonstrations of machine tools and production systems for cutting and forming, precision tools, accessories, controller technology and system elements and components. It’s the ideal opportunity to generate sales leads, build company recognition and broaden your professional network.

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN: Is scheduled for the end of September in Dusseldorf, Germany and will provide insight into the latest technological advancements in the joining, cutting and surfacing technology industry. In terms of numbers, you’ve over 1000 exhibitors showcasing advancements in plants and equipment, thermal spraying, systems for computer-aided production, data processing, instrumentation and control technology, automation. More than 54,000 trade visitors are anticipated – a good audience to introduce your products to!

If you seek precision when planning your business trip, you should leave all the arrangements in our hands. Trade Fair Trips ltd has been working with business travelers for years and we know where to look for hotel deals that save you money on your stay and place you close to the exhibition space. It’s a service suitable for every budget size!