Automotive Industry
18 Nov 2019



Ever since the automobile has become a part of human life, we’ve tried to make them perform better under all conditions and go faster. With the current boom in digital technologies, next-level materials and manufacturing processes, the evolution of land vehicles has accelerated to a new staggering speed. It’s not enough to produce the very best you can! You have to bring the spotlight to you and stay ahead on innovations. Trade Fair Trips ltd advises you to hit the road and network. It’s never been easier and automotive exhibitions have become only bigger and grander. There’s no reason not to attend!

We present you with the best possible choices in the list below:

EICMA MOTO: Our first offering is quite soon – early November in Milan, Italy. The host city alone should give you an indication of the quality, scope and elegance. Over 1000 exhibitors are going to be lining up their fastest, slickest-looking motorcycles, accessories and most reliable equipment to over 628,000 visitors. It’s an incredible opportunity to survey the state of the industry, learn what the audience responds to and seek out new business deals and opportunities.

ESSEN MOTOR SHOW: Business and high-octane excitement meet head to head in this international trade fair that takes the stage in Essen, Germany starting December 2nd. The more than 550 exhibitors will be showcasing tires, rims, sports cars, classic cars, tuning jobs, services and equipment. But that’s not the only reason the 380,000 visitors make their way to attend. They want to see motor sports in action, have a feel of the leather interiors and watch a series of demonstrations that will blow your mind.

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: This international auto salon has a long history and goes on for 11 days in early March in Geneva. You won’t find a better, more receptive audience of such proportions – at least 682,000 visitors from the general public and professional circles. If you wonder why you should attend, just look at the exhibition sectors – motor cars, alternative powered cars, electric, workshop installations, special bodywork motor cars.

AUTOMECHANIKA DUBAI: You can’t visit an international automotive exhibition and not head to Dubai. Everything they do is bigger and better! Such is the case here with an impressive audience participation exceeding 24,000 visitors from the whole world. Mark May 1st in your calendar and bring your best and most innovative automobile equipment. Product categories include automotive parts, systems, accessories, tuning and IT products.

TUNING WORLD BODENSEE: Last we head to Friedrichshafen, Germany, starting early May to check out where the exciting, colorful world of auto tuning is headed. There’s a lot to see as international exhibitions showcase innovations in automotive parts and creative designs. The marketplace alone is reason to make the trip as you’ll gain immense attention, but the program also features numerous demonstration and shows.

We’re at the end of our review of exhibitions and trade shows for the automotive sector. Now, there’s only one thing to do – pick where you’ll be heading and putting together your business trip. Trade Fair Trips ltd is your excellent assistant that will find you hotel accommodation at the prices you want. You have a business run and shouldn’t waste time and resources on these matters. We’ll get you’re a reservation in a single day and save you a lot!

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