25 May 2021

You Do Not Want to Miss These 5 Trade Shows for the Automotive and Mobility Sectors

You Do Not Want to Miss These 5 Trade Shows for the Automotive and Mobility Sectors

Digitalization and the fast development of technologies in the automotive and mobility sectors have fully altered the way we move around in our cities, between cities, and across countries. The future of mobility is now. One of the trends that we have observed gaining traction is the alternative fuel and power source question. There’s no denying that the exhaust from cars and motorcycles is a chief pollutant on a global scale.

Moving away from reliance on traditional fossil fuels for powering our vehicles has become the biggest priority in the past decade. That’s something you can observe at the heart of all five events we’ve selected for these industries.

Let’s kick things off with EICMA Moto, which is the most influential trade show aimed at the two-wheeler sector. Bikes, scooters, motorcycles. There’s everything you might ever need under one roof. The event is a staple of Milan’s business calendar and has a history spanning a whole century. In addition to the full value chain, EICMA Moto drives forward innovative concepts and technologies with alternative fuels and electromobility. Buyers have a full snapshot of what’s new in all relevant product categories. Plus, there’s incredible entertainment at MotoLive from high-stakes competitions to risky stunts. Each edition is a spectacle and an unmissable opportunity for your business to expand in international markets.

Next we’re moving to the automotive industry, where Geneva Motor Show rules supreme in the European market. This annual trade show is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and opens its doors to anyone with a passion for high speeds and elegant vehicle design. For over 90 years, GIMS (as it’s otherwise known) brings in innovation and quality to the forefront. Nowhere else will you see futuristic car models first hit the scene. As such, Geneva Motor Show is invaluable for discovering new breakthroughs and cutting-edge technology. One of the strongest selling points of the show is also the Car of the Year award ceremony that generates headlines the world over.

What about specialized vehicles? IAA Commercial Vehicles Hannover investigates this side of the automotive industry. What are the best vehicles for commercial purposes whether that’s for logistic or construction purposes? This international trade show used to be part of the bigger IAA (International Automobile Exhibition), but eventually separated and now operates every four years out of Messe Hannover. Open to trade visitors and the general public, IAA Commercial Vehicles is all about showcasing the latest models. At the same time, attendees can do deeper research on emerging mobility trends in urban logistics and automated driving at the New Mobility World FORUM.

We remain in Germany and only head to Cologne, which is the host of INTERMOT. We’re back to the motorcycle, scooter, and e-bike industry. This particular trade show is one of the newer fairs to emerge but hasn’t stopped it from becoming the second-largest motorcycle show in the world. The biggest? That’s EICMA in Milan! INTERMOT Cologne prioritizes electric mobility as a way to decrease the environmental impact of motorcycles and personal transportation to a minimum. The general public finds this fair attractive, because of the great assortment of products aimed at the rider from gloves and scarves to helmets and accessories.

Trains might not have been in the public’s eye as prominently as before, but the railway industry certainly thrives given the demand for more sustainable forms of transportation. The RAILWAY INTERIORS EXPO is proof of it. The trade show operates out of different locations all over the continent of Europe. In the past, it’s been held in Prague, the Czech Republic, and Cologne, Germany. It’s put together once every two years. What can you expect to discover? Everything in terms of passenger safety, operational safety, and comfort features. Trade visitors discover what are the new materials made available and are preferred by customers.

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