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18 Nov 2019

5 Books, Paper, Printing & Graphic Design Events To Look Out For

5 Books, Paper, Printing & Graphic Design Events To Look Out For

Although the world rushes towards the bright, display-lighted future, where everything you read and write is digital, paper is not going anywhere. Just take a look at the countless events dedicated to everything from books, paper, printing and graphic design hosted every year in multiple countries.

It’s very much a booming business still as print is going nowhere and if you want to stay on top of what’s changing, then you need to find your way to an exhibition centre right now. We’ve curated 5 notable events with international appeal, which will help you boost sales, gain footing in new markets and expand your professional network. Are you ready? Here are just 5 essential events you should focus on in the print industry:

DRUPA Takes a good, hard look at the way technologies are changing print and media. Future application of developing technologies is the focus here with functional printing, green printing and 3D printing as main sections of discussion. It’s the ideal platform for innovators in the technological sector.

PAPERWORLD FRANKFURT More than 42,000 individuals are set to attend this one event – an invaluable audience for those working in the paper, office supplies and stationery products sectors. Professional networking and connecting sellers with buyers is on the agenda.

BOLOGNA CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIR Having run over 50 editions, this event has gained a loyal following and established itself as a must-see. Authors, agents, illustrators and distributors all flock to learn what are the world trends in publishing for children.

FRANKFURT BOOK FAIR Internationalization has been gaining an ever-growing traction in the publishing industry and no event is better at showing you how the industry has changed over the years. You’re not only show the hottest new titles, but invited to talks from the biggest experts and international conferences.

LEIPZIGER BUCHMESSE UND LEIPZIGER ANTIQUARIATSMESSE: This joint event sees the best the world of books can offer, whether it’s old or new. The LEIPZIGER BUCHMESSE enjoys an impressive attendance rate – over 251,000 visitors. The LEIPZIGER ANTIQUARIATSMESSE, on the other hand, is a cultural experience with many collectors and librarians presenting antiquarian books, engravings, maps and photos.

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