German Trade Shows
18 Nov 2019

Last Stop – Berlin, the Heart of Germany

Last Stop – Berlin, the Heart of Germany

July now marks the end of our first article series on trade fair destinations around the world – Germany to be precise. Read up on the genesis of this journey and some of the previous cities we’ve discussed. Just last week we stopped at Nuremberg, so be sure to spend some time to read what we’ve had to say about this beautiful city and the events taking place there. Have a trade fair picked out already? Trade Fair Trips makes organizing your business trip one of the most pleasurable experiences. This being said, let’s move on to the shining beacon of progress and economic power that is Berlin – a style icon as well as a powerhouse across all major industries. Much like London, it’s a valuable financial centre. It pays to be a capital – Berlin possesses one of the vastest and most modern infrastructures covering all transportation options. Science and research has found a fertile soil and you can be the telecommunications structure is firmly established into the future. The perfect recipe for a diverse economic structure.

Berlin has been important for centuries and you can tell by the numbers of companies, which have existed for decades, sometimes up to a century or longer. But don’t think Berlin lives in the past. On the contrary, it chases innovations and breakthroughs in microsystem technology and life sciences. It’s no wonders Berlin favors trade fairs and exhibitions.

CityCube Berlin is a true testament to this dedication as it opened doors in May 2014 and has been the most sophisticated exhibition centres to grace the world. The building is often called multifunctional and with good reason. There are two main floors, flexible wall partitioning and numerous conference rooms. Truly a place for any event!

We’ve exhausted the city and the exhibition centre. Now let’s proceed to our selection of fairs and exhibitions suitable to companies who wish to achieve a lot in their respective fields.

INNOTRANS: Transport technology experience constant burst of growth, innovation and expansion. Stay current with all changes in the industry and gain recognition among your peers this September as the trade fair occupies all available halls with the latest vehicle models on display. Another key feature will be the Outdoor Display focusing on tank wagons and trains.

FRUIT LOGISTICA: The fresh produce sector awaits with international trade fair with a high anticipation as it brings together the major players – manufacturers, distributors, buyers and legislators together in one place. It’s the best way for a smaller company to find a niche and grow their client’s list. The numbers don’t lie – there will be close to 3000 exhibitors and over 70,000 industry insiders.

IFA BERLIN: Come this September, this exhibition will bring you the future of home and consumer electronics with more than 1,600 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors. You’ll see every major category represented from entertainment to recreation. It’s a superior platform that gives an unparalleled access to upcoming innovations and applications as well as what works!

ITB BERLIN: In March, you’ll have the chance to acquaint yourself with the current trends and best practices gaining wide appreciation in the tourist industry. This event has a truly global reach with over 10,000 exhibitors and close to 200,000 visitors from all levels of the industry set to attend. It’s a who’s who of the hotel and tourist industry.

You’ve made it to the end! This is our final article in our economic tour of Germany, its many trade fair centres and the upcoming events scheduled for the year ahead. As always, if you’ve found a trade fair or exhibition, which appeals to you and aligns with your company goals, be sure to get in touch with us. Trade Fair Trips books your hotel rooms for you – at prices you can’t find anywhere else.

Is this the first article you’ve encountered? We have all cities collected in one place for your convenience here. Next week, we’ve decided to continue globetrotting and move to the East with a brief visit in France, where we’ll go through the most important economic centres!

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