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18 Nov 2019

Cologne: The City with a Car Engine for a Heart

Cologne: The City with a Car Engine for a Heart

Last week, we introduced you to the splendors of Frankfurt, but it’s time to move on from the official financial centre of Germany and take a look at another important city on our list. We will be talking about none other, but Cologne – the city where the automotive industry found a welcoming home. In just a few minutes, we’ll reveal you all its wonders and reasons why you should visit on a business trip.

But first, if you’re reading this and are unsure what’s happening, please go and read the first article in this series, where we lay down the rules for this scenic train ride through Germany.

Cologne has a lot of things going for it. First, there’s a million-strong population: a magnet for job seekers and students, given that the University of Cologne distinguishes itself with the honor of being the oldest in Germany. You can’t really scoff at legacy like that. Thanks to its superior infrastructure (the River Rhine has five ports and there are 10 grand motorways) and central location, it’s a city at many crossroads that welcomes travelers from all over the world.

This also benefited industries with Toyota, Volvo, Citroën, Mazda and Renault all staking claims in their names. But there’s far more going on. The chemical industry has established a foothold in the metropolis and research institutions with the German Aerospace Centre as its most famous member flourish in this supportive environment. Is it no wonder Cologne functions as a well-liked and respected host to trade fairs with global appeal?

You have an annual rotation of 80 trade fairs and exhibitions, while conventions well exceed 2000 in number. That’s a lot of foot traffic in its modern, high-ceiling exhibition spaces, a lot of business for the city and a lot of successful deals for attendees. Koelnmesse ranks sixth in size for the whole world, which puts things in perspective. Given it has a reputation to uphold, the exhibition centre works tirelessly to provide top-of-the line services to both exhibitors and guests. Its organization and support are well known.

Trade Fair Trips ltd has taken the time to highlight four events taking place this and the next year just so you can have a little taste of what to expect. Maybe you’ll find the event that best suits your business model and supports your goals.

DMEXCO: This renowned trade fair dedicated to innovations and breakthroughs in the global digital economy takes place in mid-September and there’s still chance to get yourself a good reservation. Why you should attend? With 50,000 visitors ready to launch into brand new business deals and partnerships, it’s the perfect place to build your reputation, compare notes with peers and expand your client list.

IMM COLOGNE: The furnishing industry celebrates its successes, launches trends and looks into the future at this major show hosted first thing in January. IMM 2017 has found its footing in the local landscape and risen in importance with around 1200 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors expected to fill the halls. Market-ready innovations are the main focus here and the event puts new designers in the spotlight, giving them the opportunity to find success. Tastes are shaped and new partnerships formed. Book a hotel through Trade Fair Trips and we get you free tickets!

ISM: Representatives of the sweets and snacks sector are making their way at the end of January to congregate in Cologne and celebrate the successes of the year as well as plan for the next one. Organizers predict over 1600 exhibitors presenting their best products across all major product groups including chocolate and chocolate products, sugar confectionery and snack foods. The audience reaches close to 40,000 industry insiders, a fertile ground to raise awareness and seek out to break into new markets.

INTERZUM: Scheduled for May, this international event for the furniture and interior construction industries makes big numbers every single year. We’re talking about over 1500 exhibitors and close to 60,000 visitors – with numbers like that, you can be sure you’ll score big whether you’re here to research current trends, generate sales leads or meet with current clients. If you’re looking to break into new international markets, this is the platform you need to achieve those goals. Trade Fair Trips also offers free event tickets, if you book your hotel through us.

Here is where we end our tour of Cologne and its business calendar. As always, we’re hopeful you learned something new today and have found an exhibition worth your time. If not, Trade Fair Trips has a lot more options in store for you. You can reach us every day on our lines at +44 203 514 06 68 or you can send your inquiry via email at our contact page. Not only can we recommend a trade fair, but book your accommodation at competitive rates.

Next stop is the friendly Dusseldorf with its historic buildings and modern exhibition grounds. Same time next week!

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