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18 Nov 2019

Break into the Japanese Market with These 3 Top-Level Trade Shows

Break into the Japanese Market with These 3 Top-Level Trade Shows

At the end of October, we bring you a brief economic profile of Japan alongside prominent trade shows, fairs and exhibitions taking place next year. This article is the last on our tour of Asia. If you’re curious to learn about the industry events taking place elsewhere in the world, please head to our archives. We have cities in Germany, France, Italy, the UAE, China and Hong Kong!

Before we move to the events hosted in Japan, let’s review the country’s economy – though it is one of the most famous examples how a nation spread out on a small territory can achieve a great deal. Japan has brought the world technological revolution upon revolution. Consumer electronics, optical fibres and media, copy machines, optoelectronics and automobiles are the main pillars of the Japanese manufacturing industry. Supplementing this economic model, the country has moved into the alternative energy and infrastructure solutions sectors. Given this reputation, it’s natural that Japan is a host to numerous exhibitions. Tokyo has one of the most impressive exhibition centres in the world that is more than up to the task.

Tokyo Big Sight is the high-tech, futuristic and incredibly adaptable exhibition centre in the hectic business sector in Tokyo. The centre is divided in three main bodies – the Conference Tower, the Eastern Exhibition Hall and the Western Exhibition Hall. We’re going to start with the Conference Tower, which employs 22 conference rooms over its eight levels. The largest among them can host up to 1000 guests and is equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system for up to eight languages. This is the level of excellence you can expect when coming to Tokyo Big Sight.

The East Exhibition Hall impresses with its sheer size. We’re talking two above-ground levels and one underground parking, six pillarless halls at 90m x 90m, and recessed electronic and information control service pits every six meters. To things more interesting, all the roofs are mobile and each hall has a freight entrance. Ancillary facilities for each hall include a show office, meeting room, and dressing room. No matter what your vision is, you can turn it into a reality.

The West Exhibition Hall is meant for smaller events as you can see in the four falls joined around the Atrium. Of course, you can count on the necessary technological servicing and the freight entrances to make setting-up a pleasurable experience. The Atrium itself can be used for exhibition space and event functions to great effect thanks to the gorgeous glass roof. With such a base of operations, every exhibition and trade fair hosted here is an instant success. We have selected three high-profile events across a variety of industries to illustrate our point.

JAPAN IT WEEK: Given that Japan is known for its technological genius, it’s a given the Japanese trade show dedicated to breakthroughs and advancements in latest IT solutions and technologies is going to be worth your time and money. Hosted in May, the show attracts close to 90,000 industry insiders looking to stay updated, upgrade their knowledge and skills, and seek out new business opportunities.

INTERPHEX JAPAN: Held in late June, the show gathers over 1000 exhibitors who showcase and demonstrate the latest scientific and technological trends and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry. R&D and Manufacturing are the leading forces, turning this event into the must-attend B-to-B trade show for the country and a coveted market to break into.

JJF: The Japan Jewellery Fair kicks things off at the beginning of September and has a strong focus on regional jewellery trends. The preeminent brands on the Asian market debut their latest designs to a massive crowd in the tens of thousands. The Bridal Jewellery Zone, Japan Pearl Pavilion and Re-Styled Jewellery Pavilion are a definite mainstay for the fair and will take your breath away.

We’ve now concluded with our short trip through Japan, thus ending our exploration of the business events in Asia. This also marks the end of this business travel series. Starting next month, we’ll be returning to covering the biggest international trade fairs and exhibitions that happen in specific industries so stay tuned. In case, you’re heading out to any one of the fairs we presented you, please get in touch and we’ll help you get the best hotel possible according to your budget. You can reach us using the contact form or send us a free enquiry.

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