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18 Nov 2019

Nuremberg: Germany's Information Technology Centre

Nuremberg: Germany's Information Technology Centre

If you’ve been paying attention the past month, we’ve gone on to travel around Germany on a journey to find the best places to visit for trade fairs and exhibitions. It’s a whole article series and you should check out our previous destinations. In June, we made a stop at Dusseldorf – a crucial economic powerhouse for Germany. Please be sure to click on the link and see what you’ve missed and find an event that suits your company needs. We’ll be more than happy to organize your business trip!

Introductions out of the way, it’s time to head on over to Nuremberg! What makes this city a popular trade fair destination is its importance in German economy. The city has roughly half a million of citizens and has grown into the role of a business and cultural centre for its region whose population stands at 3.5 million. There’s also a historical precedent with Nuremberg firmly sitting on numerous trading routes.

Trade continues to be important here, but you’re also seeing a diversification of industries. At least 25,000 companies have chosen Nuremberg as their base of operation across high-tech and industrial sectors. Research and development has become an ever-increasing presence in the city’s landscape, but information and communications technology is where you see the biggest boom with roughly 10% of all sector employees positioned here.

It’s no surprise to see Nuremberg as a vibrant centre for trade fairs and events. Statistics show it to rank 15th in the world and 10th in Europe. NürnbergMesse boasts 170,000 sq.m. of space inside spread out between 4 main buildings, all connected via glass corridors. Outdoor space is estimated to be close to 50,000 sq.m. A look into statistics reveal around 120 national and international trade fairs, which garner around 30,000 exhibitors and up to 1.4 million visitors traversing the halls. Apart from all the incredible, modern spaces, there’s also a variety of dining options including 5 restaurants, 10 cafeterias and a bistro.

We’ve chosen to feature 4 prominent events from NürnbergMesse’s impressive calendar. As we mentioned, there are many more, but these are certainly some of the largest to be hosted!

CHILLVENTA: When it comes to industry trends, solutions and innovations in AC, refrigeration and ventilation, there’s no other industry event that can rival this trade fair. You have an in-depth look into every link in the supply chain as well as only the best companies presenting high quality products. Expect close to 1000 exhibitors and over 30,000 insiders to attend.

SPS IPC DRIVES: In November, you have the chance to witness the best in electric automation technology at this trade fair, which has established itself as reputable and vital for the industry. We’re talking close to 1700 exhibitors and over 64,000 industry insiders what are arriving to see the latest technological breakthroughs and the best products in all product categories from components to complete systems.

SPIELWARENMESSE: Committed to showcasing the latest and best in the world of toys and games, this trade fair will take place in February to much anticipation. It’s been a favorite of large chains and manufacturers, but also a great platform for trendy start-ups and independent retailers. Attendance is strong with 2800 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors expected to make an appearance next year!

BIOFACH: For 20 years, BIOFACH in conjuncture with VIVANESS have been the leading trade fairs for the organic food sectors. The latest edition scheduled for next February is expected to break its own records with over 2,300 exhibitors and 48,000 trade visitors from all around the world. You’re mingling with customers, suppliers, partners, associations, VIPs and NGOs.

It’s time to close this article and head out for our next destination – Berlin! We’ve left the best for last and you’ll be quite pleased with what we have to show you about the capital.

As always, if you’ve found what you’re looking for, please get in touch. Our team is on standby to help you organize the most successful business trip you’ll ever have. If you haven’t found a trade fair or exhibition for your industry, you can take the search to our catalog on our site or you can simply send us an inquiry. Whether you’re set to firmly travel to Nuremberg (why wouldn’t you) or anywhere else around the world. Count on us to book you hotel rooms at superior rates.

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