Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany for Broadcast, Multimedia

For many innovators and tech startups Berlin has presented countless opportunities for growth and broadcast technology is no exception. In 2024, it was announced that the city has become the latest destination for Riedel Communications’ Engineering Hub, dubbed the Technology Hub Berlin, which is strategically located at Checkpoint Charlie. This expansion marks Riedel’s next chapter in advancing research and development (R&D) activities, particularly in the broadcast and event industry. The broadcast technology industry remains ripe with opportunities given the tempo, at which technological advancements become market-ready. With existing hubs in Wuppertal, Eisenberg, Vienna, Zurich, Montreal and Porto, each focusing on specific engineering aspects, the Technology Hub Berlin reinforces Riedel’s strategy to stay at the forefront of industry changes. Notably, this hub is poised to lead the development of cutting-edge audio systems, drawing on the expertise of former employees from Jünger Audio, a company that Riedel acquired a portion of in 2019. The Innovation Lab is the lifeblood of the Technology Hub Berlin, where creative minds collaborate to drive product innovation in software-based media processing, networking, virtualization and deployment. This lab serves as a breeding ground for preliminary developments with the intent to redraw the future of broadcast technology. The hub also hosts a specialized system engineering team dedicated to defining, simulating and developing next-generation wireless communication solutions. Peter Glättli, Executive Director R&D at Riedel Communications, expressed enthusiasm about the Technology Hub’s establishment in Berlin, highlighting the city's diverse talent pool and innovation-friendly atmosphere. Glättli emphasized the importance of the current team of experts and eagerly anticipates welcoming additional international talents to drive groundbreaking solutions for the broadcast and event industry. As Riedel Communications expands its footprint in Berlin, Berlin’s broadcast technology industry is becoming ever more relevant in the European market at large.

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