Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany for Food & Drink

Berlin is a thriving ground for the food and beverage sector that’s built on top of rich tradition and cutting-edge innovation. Here is where many forward-thinking companies find their start on the national market and where international household names base their offices. For decades, Berlin has attracted global attention. Berlin and Brandenburg's metropolitan region, surrounded by fertile agricultural zones, serves as a robust foundation for the food and beverage sector to expand. Today, the sector contributes a lot to the local economy thanks to 114 companies with 20 or more employees, which in turn provide jobs for 13,000 regular employees and generate a substantial revenue of EUR 2.5 billion. What is even more impressive is that the export share reaches 29%, reflecting the region’s impact on a national and international scale. Berlin hosts a stellar lineup of nationally and internationally acclaimed brands, including Bahlsen, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Freiberger, Kühne, Radeberger Gruppe, Storck, and Stollwerck. Sawade stands as the oldest chocolate factory in Berlin, while Fassbender & Rausch has earned the distinction of being the world's largest chocolate producer. In recent years, Berlin has emerged as the creative capital of craft beer. Microbreweries like BRLO and Thorsten Schoppe Bräu are at the forefront of this movement. Notably, Brew Dog's takeover of the former gasworks site in Mariendorf has birthed the world's first CO2-negative brewery – a major victory for sustainability in brewing practices. Another reason why Berlin’s food and drinks industry attracts professionals is the meeting of food companies with the city’s 240+ biotech companies that further introduce innovation into already quality-first food production practices. These collaborations aim to harness biogenic raw materials, enhance sustainability in production processes and bolster competitiveness. Applications of biotechnology in the food sector include probiotic bacteria for health benefits and the exploration of novel uses for algae.

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