Exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Germany for Food & Drink

Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s biggest hubs for food and drinks. The city embraces innovations and modern trends (such as health-first products and sustainable practices), while remaining true to its culinary roots. It’s a city with a distinct economic landscape, which offers companies and consumers much to appreciate. While globalized access to food prevails in Düsseldorf, some note that local supermarkets might not match international quality standards due to price considerations. However, recent improvements in lighting, aisle spaces and staff training signal a positive shift. Speciality stores and Turkish markets are now recognized for their quality by offering vegetables, meats and halal produce that are fresh and nutritious. Düsseldorf has embraced the organic food movement with the term Bio signifying health products. The city boasts numerous stores providing organic produce, reflecting a longstanding German tradition. The official seal of approval, established in 2001, ensures strict regulations and rigorous controls to maintain the integrity of ecological products. The quality of produce also contributes to the sheer delight of restaurant cuisine being served. The regional kitchen, known for hearty dishes, sees a seasonal shift with the arrival of white asparagus, locally known as ""Spargel,"" in late spring. This healthy and light option contrasts with the hearty local diet of meat, thick sauces and potatoes. Rhenish mussels, or Muscheln rheinischer Art, cooked in white wine and served with German black bread, become a popular choice when in season. Tap water’s safety makes it a reliable choice, but bottled water, especially sparkling (Mineralwasser), remains popular. Düsseldorf's champion brew, Altbier, is a rich, dark beer steeped in tradition. A beloved local drink is Apfelschorle, a refreshing blend of apple juice and sparkling water. Fruit and vegetable juices also find favor among locals.

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