Exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Germany for Architecture

Architecture in Düsseldorf is all about embracing differences and takes creative risks. The current generation of architects eagerly participate in the reshaping of this spectacular city by turning to green solutions. The Kö-Bogen II project is a shining example of the latest trends in architecture. The project, designed by the renowned Düsseldorf architectural firm Ingenhoven, is known for its sustainable and close to nature designs. The Kö-Bogen II office block is covered in 30,000 plants to form hedges that would stretch five miles laid end to end. The hedges provide an ecological benefit equivalent to 80 fully grown deciduous trees. Ingenhoven Architects believes that this is Europe's largest green facade. The end result certainly shows the direction that architecture in Düsseldorf has taken. First, it demonstrates a growing interest in sustainable architecture. Architects are increasingly seeking to design buildings that are environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. Second, the Kö-Bogen II project reflects a growing interest in bringing nature into the urban environment. Architects now recognize the many benefits of incorporating greenery into buildings and public spaces. Plants can help to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, and create a more pleasant and inviting environment for people. As a whole, the Kö-Bogen II project is a testament to the growing popularity of biophilic design. Biophilic design – a rather new concept in architecture – prioritizes a person’s innate connection to nature and seeks to bring it out. Biophilic design can be achieved through a variety of elements, such as the use of natural materials, natural light, and biophilic patterns. Kö-Bogen II might be a single project, but it clearly breaks new ground in professional circles and opens a new chapter for the architecture industry in Düsseldorf as a source of inspiration. In fact, Ingenhoven is only one of the many firms taking green architectures to new heights.

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