Exhibitions in Nurnberg, Germany for Architecture

Nuremberg, as most old cities in Germany, has to balance the need for new construction with the already existing architectural character of its oldest parts. It puts interesting challenges before the architects working here to adapt to established aesthetics, while introducing innovations and using new materials to perform the task. More and more, you’ll see exciting projects that capture the magic of the past with the sharpness of modern construction technologies and design capabilities. In recent years, the project that showcases this tightrope walk is the renovation of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry offices helmed by Behles & Jochimsen Architekten. Their goal – to create a harmonious blend of modernity and heritage that resonates with the city's historic architecture. The buildings are located in Nuremberg's oldest district right next to the church of St. Sebald. Behles & Jochimsen Architekten embarked on a mission to reimagine the existing headquarters, envisioning cohesive, functional offices. Several historically significant structures were preserved and restored, paying homage to Nuremberg's storied past. Simultaneously, modern additions that had lost their relevance were thoughtfully replaced. What sets this renovation apart is its seamless integration of modern elements while remaining true to Nuremberg's historical identity. The new sandstone-clad buildings pay homage to the city's architectural heritage with facades that blend seamlessly into the surrounding old town. The pitched roofs adorned with plain tiles and the elegant folded eaves windows are a nod to the post-war reconstruction era, which continues to define Nuremberg's distinctive townscape. One striking feature of the project was the transformation of an open area on the west side into a captivating glass-roofed atrium. This not only brings an influx of natural light into the heart of the House of Commerce but also serves as a modern hub for engagement and interaction.

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