Exhibitions in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for Architecture

Frankfurt, known predominantly as the financial centre of Germany, is also a city with a thriving architecture scene that prides itself on innovation, restoration and sustainability. With a new wave of technology and creativity, architects in Frankfurt are designing some of the most cutting-edge and sustainable buildings in the world. One of the key trends in Frankfurt architecture is a focus on sustainability. Architects are increasingly seeking to design buildings that are environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint. These principles extend towards the smart use of materials, which reduces waste at the same time. It’s common for architecture firms to seek out local manufacturers to speed up the construction time and reduce carbon emissions generated during transportation. Another trend is a focus on innovation. Architects are experimenting with new materials and techniques to create unique and eye-catching buildings. We also have to discuss how Frankfurt produces high-calibre architects. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences offers one of the best degrees in advanced architecture in the world. The program focuses on the combination of design and construction, and students learn to develop advanced, future-oriented concepts in various contexts. Graduates of the program are able to work at the interface between abstract designs and their concrete implementations. This means a focus on the planning phase is reinforced during all years of the degree. Graduates receive consistent feedback during the design process and develop skills for collaborative work. Thanks to the curriculum that keeps in step with developments of scientific research in design and construction, students emerge ready to start work and have a competitive edge on the international architecture scene. This strong focus on education positions Frankfurt as a leader in Germany. Many of the architects of the future have graduated from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences with a degree in advanced architecture.

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