Exhibitions in Nurnberg, Germany for Food & Drink

Nuremberg doesn’t boast the same manufacturing capabilities as Bremen or Berlin, but its food and drinks industry boasts the presence of high-profile events. BIOfach and VIVANESS are a duo of annual trade fairs targeting the organic foods industry, which has seen consistent expansion over the last decade, making both events essential for German companies to attend. Held at the Messe Nuremberg, BIOfach has been a pivotal platform since 1990, attracting over 50,000 trade visitors. BIOfach not only serves as a dynamic marketplace but also functions as a knowledge hub for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise. Attendees gain insights into new developments and trends within the organic industry, providing a comprehensive overview and opportunities for networking, recognition and crucial business transactions. By participating in BIOfach, industry professionals achieve various business objectives, from networking with potential partners to making vital purchases and expanding their field of expertise. The event enables attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry while gaining recognition. The comprehensive event schedule encompasses a diverse range of sub-events, including six forums, three special shows, an exhibition, and the BIOfach Congress. Start-ups find tailored opportunities in the Young Innovative Companies Pavilion and the Novelty Stand. The Bulk Food Store Showcase and the Generation Future Network Hub further enrich the experience, targeting specific groups of attendees and facilitating the completion of multiple goals. Six specialist forums – BIOfach, Fachhandel, Sustainability, Politics, Science, and Agriculture – provide attendees with platforms to gain recognition, expand their knowledge, and network. The BIOfach Forum serves as a meeting point for non-governmental organizations and policymakers, discussing vital industry topics such as adapting to changes caused by COVID-19 and enhancing business resilience. The Fachhandel Forum, conducted in German, serves as a crucial sub-event for impulse givers and specialized organic traders, engaging in debates on collaborative environmental rebuilding, improving customer reach, and achieving the latest sustainability goals.

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