Exhibitions in Bremen, Germany for Food & Drink

Bremen has managed to build and nourish an exceptional food and drinks industry that stands on top of a foundation of tradition and legacy. It’s one of the most active food and drinks centers in Germany and has carved a singular culinary identity. The city is home to multiple household names and contributes greatly to the local economy. Bremen is home to 250 companies that collectively employ around 10,000 people. The city has become synonymous with quality as quite a bit of its products are sold all over Germany proudly displaying ‘Made in Bremen’ on their packaging. Constituting 30% of all imports and nearly 10% of exports, Bremen’s food industry plays a pivotal role in the economic landscape. Coffee, a global favorite, takes the lead as both the most crucial export and import commodity. However, the city's influence extends beyond coffee with beer and fresh fish being the bread and butter of the city. The sector secures its position as the second-largest industry in Bremen with an impressive annual turnover of around EUR 2.5 billion. Notably, the city holds the distinction of being the birthplace of decaffeinated coffee. Thanks to its North Sea location, Bremen has abundant access to fresh fish, which has elevated the role of Bremerhaven in the food sector. It proudly houses market leaders like FRoSTA AG, a pioneer in frozen food. Other giants like Frozen Fish International, Nordsee and Deutsche See have also established themselves as major contributors to the world of frozen and processed food. Bremen and Bremerhaven are also home to major players such as Beck's, Melitta, Vitakraft, Frosta, Nordsee, Mondelez and Univeg, and each contributes to the city's culinary legacy. Bremerhaven, aptly known as Europe’s frozen food capital, holds a special place in the industry, producing fish fingers in quantities that could circle the earth five times over.

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