Exhibitions in Hamburg, Germany for Food & Drink

Hamburg performs a key role as Germany‘s largest hub for the import and export of commodities like raw coffee, cocoa beans, tea, spices, raw tobacco and sugar, which immediately connects it to the country’s foods and drinks industry. Access to the harbor has attracted international giants such as Unilever and Kellogg to establish their DACH headquarters in Hamburg. The city is becoming a pivotal location for shaping the future of the food sector. Hamburg’s food and drinks industry is further boosted by INΤΕRNΟRGΑ. This international trade fair, running since 1921, provides an unparalleled platform for hotels, restaurants, caterers, pastry shops and bakeries to engage with suppliers and conduct business on a truly global scale. The fair offers a unique opportunity for high-quality trade visitors to interact, explore new products in food service and catering and engage in business. Messe Hamburg hosts an impressive product portfolio covering everything from kitchen equipment and tableware to beverages and food. The exhibition space is divided into seven sectors that cater to the diverse needs of hotels, restaurants and bakeries. The Newcomers‘ Arena at INΤΕRNΟRGΑ is a fantastic opportunity for emerging companies to enter the market and make their mark. Here, new businesses showcase their products and services, network with industry professionals, and establish valuable connections with top players in the field. INΤΕRNΟRGΑ goes beyond a mere exhibition, offering additional value through a food service forum and a forum for school catering. These forums serve as platforms for in-depth discussions on market trends, prospects, strategies, and sustainability. Experts address visitor queries, making INΤΕRNΟRGΑ an indispensable event for all market participants. Hamburg continues to evolve as a culinary player, drawing from its strategic position and the influence of INΤΕRNΟRGΑ, which plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the food and drinks industry in this vibrant city.

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