Electronics, Real Time, Embedded Systems
18 Nov 2019


It’s no secret we live in a rapidly changing world where new discoveries, smarter designs and cutting-edge innovations in the electronics and real rime and embedded systems fields emerge every. There are companies that shoot into the highest echelons and there are companies that leave the market altogether. One way to ensure you find your footing in this changing terrain is to make your presence known and interact with customers, investors and competitors directly by going to exhibitions and trade fairs.

We have selected just 5 of the most influential events to help guide you to a brighter future.

SENSOR + TEST: At the moment, technology is making big strides in the development of smarter sensor, measuring and testing equipment and software. You have innovators and key decision makers from all over the world deciding the future of the sector, so it’s in your best interest to make an appearance and network.

CWIEME BERLIN: Going on for over twenty years, this trade fair focuses on solving challenges faced by the coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing fields. You have the perfect opportunity to size up the competition as well as participate in lectures and discussions that will shape the industry in coming years.

VISION: Image processing enjoys a renaissance at the moment as digitalization brings the world into a new visual era. Technologies presented here seek system integration and smart design. Have a brand new product or service that will meet ever-changing needs in the industry? You’ve found the perfect audience for your brilliance.

ELECTRONICA: A staple in the electronics industry, this trade fair brings in the very big numbers in attendance with close to 74,000 trade visitors and participation from exhibitors with over 2700 companies. You also enjoy the widest product range on display including plug connectors and semiconductors among many more – perfect opportunity for buyers and sellers.

SPS IPC DRIVES: Finally, we stop at the world of automation, which enjoys an ever increasing importance in the world at large. Not only do you get to see product displays and demonstrations, but the trade fair has prepared multiple networking opportunities along with discussions and seminars on emerging trends.

Before you revolutionize your industry of choice with brilliant products and services, you might want to step back and pay the same amount of attention to your business trip. Your travel arrangements are just as likely to influence the outcome of your event participation. Lucky for you, Trade Fair Trips ltd has been doing this kind of work for years and can book you a hotel within your ideal price range and in a strategic location.