14 Aug 2019

The Largest Trade Shows in France at the Moment

The Largest Trade Shows in France at the Moment

In Europe, attention is usually given to Germany as the leader in producing trade shows that rule over their industries and make a sizeable imprint on the world. However, we should not overlook what France has to offer the world in terms of exhibitions and industry events. It’s why we have decided to look through the largest trade shows hosted in France for the upcoming few years. This list gives you the most crucial details and follows a chronological order.

SILMO 2019
Paris | September
Exhibitors: 960+
Visitors: 33,000+

The nearest event cements Paris, France as the fashion capital of the world. SILMO Paris oversees design trends and scientific innovations in the eyewear and optics industry. It’s the perfect balance between fashion and optometry. Trendsetter is the correct word to use.

Cannes | October
Exhibitors: 4800+
Visitors: 13,000+

It’s not a surprise that the city to give the world one of the most significant film festivals not only in Europe but in the world plays host to one of the biggest markets for TV and digital content. At MIPCOM, you build a reputation in the highest circles of executives, producers and creatives in the world.

Paris | October
Exhibitors: 1200+
Visitors: 95,000+

In the automotive industry, there’s a lot of attention given to the next generation of mobility and on an industry level it’s EQUIP AUTO that oversees innovation in this particular sector. Visitors attend because it’s one place to discover the latest products and equipment in automotive aftersales.

Paris | November
Exhibitors: 1700+
Visitors: 270,000+

Batimat has reached these massive proportions, because it understands the complex needs within the construction industry. The trade show embraces innovations and gives off enough space for live demonstrations. In additions to corporate interests, there are numerous conference sessions that tackle topical discussions at every level of the supply chain.

Cannes | November
Exhibitors: 250+
Visitors: 8000+

Although at first unimpressive in size compared to the preceding industry events, TRUSTECH has to be on this list, because it’s the foremost exhibition for the intersection between banking, finance and security. There may be only 8000 visitors, but they represent the professional elite from over 140 countries worldwide.

MAPIC 2019
Cannes | November
Exhibitors: 750+
Visitors: 8500+

As with the previous entry, MAPIC makes this list for its contributions within the retail industry and its revered position nowadays. It’s the one place that sees the participation of so many varied professions in one place – leisure operators, workplaces, medical centres, retailers, brands and pure players.

Lyon & Paris | March
Exhibitors: 1100+
Visitors: 45,000+

A central exhibition for the larger industrial sector, MIDEST establishes itself as a leader in terms of technical innovation and business networking. Its strength derives from its prominent location in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region – a central area in Europe with great significance for industry as a whole.

MIPIM 2020
Cannes | March
Exhibitors: 3800+
Visitors: 26,000+

MIPIM has no rival in Europe in its importance for the real estate industry. Not only heavily visited but also respected for its incredible conference track with over 130 sessions and 480 speakers, the trade show is also where the entire value chain on a global level is represented. From investors and developers to hotel groups and local authorities, everyone attends.

Paris | June
Exhibitors: 1800+
Visitors: 57,000+

Eurosatory brings forth the next generation of achievements in land and airland defence, in effect uniting the military, defence and security sectors under one roof. The exhibition is one that sees a high level of overseas participation with 39 countries hosting their own national pavilions during the proceedings.

Paris | September
Exhibitors: 2900+
Visitors: 89,000+

It wouldn’t be Paris without a showstopper of an event to celebrate good taste. MAISON & OBJET performs this function and assumes the role as a global taste maker in interior design. Always on the pulse of cutting-edge design, MAISON & OBJET is where you learn about all the latest trends as they are given birth to.

SIAL 2020
Paris | October
Exhibitors: 7200+
Visitors: 310,000+

French cuisine is one of the best recognized around the world and honored. This explains then why Sial is the juggernaut in the culinary world that it is. There’s a fine balance achieved between food innovation and showmanship with a support program that’s unparalleled through its speakers and culinary events. There’s no better entry point onto the global food and drinks industry than this.

SIRHA 2021
Lyon | January
Exhibitors: 3700+
Visitors: 225,000+

The HoReCa industry has its crown jewel in Sirha. The international trade fair targets innovations and trends in the hospitality, food catering and beverages industry. What separates this show from all the rest is not only its undisputed value as a meeting place between supply and demand, but its commitment to shape the industry’s future.

Paris | June
Exhibitors: 2300+
Visitors: 322,000+

The Paris Air Show is over a century and is a record holder as the air show with the largest audience in the world by number of exhibitors and exhibition space. Open to professionals and the general public, the fair manages to meet the demand of an ever-growing market and satisfying the public’s hunger for aeroacrobatics.

France has a lot to offer international business in terms of trade shows and exhibitions. Think of any industry and France is bound to have an event of the highest calibre fit for your brand.

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