Exhibitions in Shanghai, China for Food & Drink

Shanghai emerges as the undisputed leader in China’s food and drinks industry for the simple fact it has the largest number of leading brands, according to a joint report by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association and Meituan. The report reveals that Shanghai’s franchise food and drinks establishments now constitute 19% of the total catering businesses in the country (a big rise from the 12 percent recorded in 2018). The city also hosts 27 headquarters of leading brands, surpassing other culinary hubs like Chengdu. Familiar names like Mixuebingcheng, Luckin Coffee, Burger King and Papa John’s are among the influential brands contributing to Shanghai’s dominance. While established chain stores exhibit robust momentum in expanding nationwide, emerging brands are swiftly closing the gap, notes Wang Hongtao, deputy secretary-general of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association. The ranking criteria encompassed growth potential, overall business performance and customer satisfaction levels. The fastest-growing franchises, primarily situated in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and central Hubei and Hunan provinces, demonstrate an agile response to evolving consumer preferences. As per the National Bureau of Statistics, catering businesses in China experienced a 9.2% income surge in the initial two months of the year, outpacing other industries and reflecting a rebound in consumer sentiment. If there’s one company to single out as an influential player in Shanghai’s food and drinks sector, it’s Shanghai AB Food & Beverages Ltd. That commands an investment of US$29 million and employs over 200 individuals. The company is best known for its nutrition foods like Ovaltine and ""Fu Pai"" Lacovo and its strategic location in the Shanghai Minhang Economic & Technical Development Zone further strengthens its importance for Shanghai’s sector. Founded in 1993 and with a rich history of Sino-foreign collaborations, Shanghai AB Food & Beverages Ltd. epitomizes the city‘s global culinary influence.

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