19 Sep 2022

September 2022 Trade Shows You Should Definitely Not Miss for Anything in the World

September 2022 Trade Shows You Should Definitely Not Miss for Anything in the World

The Biggest and Best Trade Shows to Check out This September

International travel is becoming laxer as the pandemic winds down and larger events can be held safely again. These are the right conditions for industries to restart fully in terms of networking as well as purchasing. It’s why this September is already busy with major trade shows taking place to make up for lost time. The events we’ve selected will make their first official return in person since the pandemic started, and what we’re seeing is a lot of effort to include everyone both live and digitally.

We open the list with three events that share the same starting date, September 20th.

Glasstec, Dusseldorf

Our first stop takes us to Dusseldorf, where glasstec resumes in person. The major glass show is held every two years in Messe Dusseldorf and unites the professional glass community. On one hand, you have artisans and skilled workers ready to showcase not just their glass products, but also their skills. On the other, there’s the industrial professional audience that covers the processing chain in full. Here is where tools and maintenance parts, glass production tech, processing and finishing, testing, control technology and software are displayed.

As the only event of its kind, glasstec has become a global meeting point and has appeal to major buyers from all continents beyond just the European market. We see this in the size of the audience. Prior to the pandemic, glasstec featured the products of 1200 exhibitors to 42,000 trade visitors. The 2022 edition is expected to meet these numbers.

Part of what makes glasstec a must-attend trade show are the many supporting events. There are lectures as part of the international Architecture Congress, and the Glass Technology Live show informs you on research done by Germany’s technical universities: Darmstadt, Delft, Dortmund and Dresden

Image: Facadeworld

IAA Transportation, Hannover

Over in Hannover, IAA Transportation opens the doors to the future of mobility. The trade show is a massive event for the entire transportation industry as over 250,000 trade visitors and 2000 exhibitors regularly participate. With the pause due to the pandemic, everyone is looking forward to meeting again in person at Messe Hannover. The main focus of IAA Transportation is mobility, transport, and logistics, bringing the best of the best every two years. In 2022, organisers are updating the format of the event to include greener solutions and innovative approaches to mobility such as automation and electric mobility.

Of course, it’s one thing to hear about it, and quite another to experience it. The Driving Stage is where you can see what the next generation of vehicles can really do!

Image: IAA Transportation

InnoTrans, Berlin

Continuing the conversation about transportation and mobility, InnoTrans approaches solutions in the field of railway and public transportation. Based in Berlin, the biennial trade show is the talk of the town and one of the most well-attended events in Messe Berlin. We’re talking booths rented to 3000 exhibitors and a turnout of over 153,000 visitors. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the entire world is concentrated in one exhibition centre, because 149 countries had representation during its last edition.

The exhibition floor is segmented into Railway Technology; Interiors, Travel Catering & Comfort Services; Railway Infrastructure, Tunnel Construction and Public Transport. You definitely get the full experience from the immaculate indoor hall plan to the massive outdoor area, which houses several finished trains.

The Speakers’ Corner and the Dialogue Forums constitute the brunt of the supporting programme, featuring high-profile speakers, who will inform not just on emerging technological trends, but also many time-sensitive topics. For 2022, organisers have also placed an emphasis on sustainable solutions, which will be reflected in the Mobility+ displays placed in the Public Transport area.

Image: Globalrailwayreview

security essen, Essen

In Essen, we’re going to check out security essen for the full spectrum of products, services and solutions concerning security and fire prevention. The trade show is held every two years at Messe Essen and presents itself as a chief procurement platform on the territory of Europe, though each new addition sees the numbers of visitors from the Middle East, China, Japan, the USA and Korea increase steadily. As of the last edition, security essen sees 950 exhibitors and over 36,000 trade visitors.

Buyers enjoy not only the wealth of products on display (mechanics, systems & perimeter; video; fire, burglary & systems), but a fantastic information programme helmed by the Security Experts and Fire Protection Forums. Plus, there’s the Day of Training and Further Education sessions for trainees and professionals working in fire protection and security. Each day has a number of truly impressive and dynamic training scenarios, which draw a large audience every single time.

Image: Expobeds

DMEXCO, Cologne

DMEXCO arrives once every two years in Cologne to update a total of 42,000 trade visitors on new trends in digital business, marketing and advertising. The international trade show has been a go-to platform for over 1000 exhibitors to reach their target audience. The pandemic has given the digital economy a large push, which makes the 2022 edition even more necessary in order to explore opportunities and challenges. As always you get the best in technology and solutions for ad campaigns, digital marketing, marketing strategies, presentations, and SEO.

Perhaps the biggest draw of DMEXCO is the environment to form connections and learn from the very best in the field. The conference is very well attended with sessions, keynote speeches, panel discussions, masterclasses and the Fireside Chats.

Image: Expobeds

International Hardware Fair, Cologne

The International Hardware Fair, or EISENWARENMESSE as it’s also known, is an essential event for the building and construction industry by providing the latest and best in manual hand-held tools, power tools and protective equipment on the market. Editions roll out every two years in Cologne and do incredibly well. In the past, the International Hardware Fair pulled over 2770 exhibitors and 47,000 trade visitors.

Exhibitors display the entire value chain across four themed areas – industrial supplies, fixtures, connection technology and hardware. Overall, the trade fair is a superb door to markets towards the East as Asia has a booming construction industry, and buyers from China have been in rising numbers over the years. One of the highlights of the trade fair is the DIY Boulevard. This area is 260 metres long and promotes exhibitors of DIY products and machinery.

Image: Eisenwarenmesse

Aluminium, Dusseldorf

Aluminium is an international trade show for wire, cable and metalworking of aluminium, and it’s known as the “United Nations of Aluminium”. The biennial trade fair is an essential part of the business calendar at Messe Dusseldorf. Aluminium has earned its title, because it’s an essential show for many top buyers not just in Europe, but China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, the North African region, Australia and New Zealand. This is definitely reflected in the numbers as the audience reaches 27,500 trade visitors in total.

Over 1000 exhibitors participate and represent the whole processing chain. Booths and displays are populated by the latest in alloy trading, rolling mills, primary production, joining technology and automation. The bulk of technologies and solutions are shown in the following special shows – the Primary Pavilion, Foundry Pavilion, Surface Pavilion and Magnesium Pavilion. The format of the trade show is geared towards helping exhibitors and buyers meet and connect. That’s why the Welcome Desk area is there and always available for matchmaking and meetings. Plus, you’ll get to receive information about the support programme and sign up for Audio Guide Tours.

Image: Mk-expo

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