Exhibitions in Amsterdam, Netherlands for Food & Drink

Amsterdam’s food and drinks industry is characterized by its high level of innovation as the city is the biggest hub for startups across all industries. Food and beverage companies are naturally well represented and ride high on technological breakthroughs that are remaking the landscape as we speak. Creativity and sustainability are at the core of the startups we’re going to highlight as promising in the long run. Seamore challenges conventional notions with its unique products. Seamore’s founder stumbled upon a novel idea by complete accident, mistaking seaweed for pasta. The result is ‘I sea pasta’, a tagliatelle look-alike made entirely from wild, handpicked seaweed sourced from Connemara, Ireland. Crowd-harvested and equivalent to 500 grams of fresh sea vegetables, I sea pasta offers a delightful twist to traditional pasta dishes. Seamore takes it a step further with I sea bacon, 100% natural seaweed that transforms into green bacon when fried. A crunchy, salty, and smoky kick for various dishes. The company rides on the trend of sustainability and veganism. Farm Brothers, another standout player, intertwines cookie delights with a commitment to soil health. Recognizing the alarming loss of 40% of healthy soil, Farm Brothers channels its efforts into turning this trend around. Their organic cookies, made with flavorful organic ingredients, serve a dual purpose: satisfying taste buds and contributing to soil restoration. With each pack of cookies sold, Farm Brothers rejuvenates 12cm2 of degraded agricultural land into thriving organic territory. Edelman, a prominent player in marketing and communications, plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative of the food and beverage sector. Understanding that food choices are increasingly value-driven, Edelman collaborates with major companies to foster purpose-driven, sustainable, health-committed and tech/innovation-enabled practices. Their work aims to build lasting relationships between clients and consumers, highlighting the nourishing impact of food, beverage and agricultural products on people, communities and the planet.

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