Exhibitions in Parma, Italy for Food & Drink

Parma solidified its status as the global hub for technological advancements in the food and drinks industry with the triumphant conclusion of the 2023 edition of Cibus Tec. This international trade show hosted 1200 companies from over 30 countries, which in turn attracted over 40,000 eager visitors from the food and beverage sector. The success of the Top Buyers Program, a collaborative effort with ICE-Agenzia and the Emilia-Romagna Region, emphasized the event’s significance on a global level. Over 3000 top buyers from 80 countries flew into Parma and 10,000 appointments were pre-scheduled. The fair garnered widespread media attention with around 150 accredited journalists representing both Italian and foreign outlets. This increased coverage extended to key regions such as North America, the Middle East and Spanish-speaking countries, amplifying the impact of Parma’s technological prowess. Thomas Rosolia, President of Koeln Parma Exhibitions, expressed his satisfaction with the event's outcome, stating, “Cibus Tec 2023 involved a vast international community that recognizes this territory as the excellence of resources and technologies related to agri-food.” The impressive turnout included thousands of visitors from Italy and over 100 foreign countries. With more than 50 conferences and special events addressing diverse industry themes such as innovative packaging, food safety, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and sustainability, Cibus Tec emerged as a comprehensive platform for networking and knowledge exchange. The Tomato News Conference, a prestigious event, attracted key national and international players in the industrial tomato sector, offering insights into the state of the art and future prospects of the supply chain. Parma's Cibus Tec not only celebrates its rich culinary tradition but also spearheads the future of food and beverage through cutting-edge technologies, making it a beacon for industry leaders and innovators alike.

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