Exhibitions in Milan, Italy for Food & Drink

Since the resounding success of Expo 2015, Milan has solidified its status as the true epicenter of gastronomy in Italy and has gone on to host a series of remarkable B2B and B2C events through the last decade, which continued to see attendance even through the pandemic. Tuttofood 2017, in particular, was the turning point for Milan’s food and drinks industry. The biennial B2B food and beverage show, surpassed all expectations, welcoming 80,146 professional visitors, 23% of which were foreign nationals – a 2.5% increase from the 2015 edition. Buyers from the USA, Canada, South America, Germany and the Gulf States attended the event alongside delegations from established markets like France, Benelux and the UK. Notably, attention turned to markets experiencing significant growth including China, India, Southeast Asia and Africa. One of the highlights of Tuttofood 2017 was the presence of Barack Obama, the former President of the United States, who participated as a speaker at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit. This summit delved into the future of the food industry, tackling issues from innovative food production techniques to the future of nutrition, food security and the global right to healthy, sustainable and accessible food. Beyond the exhibition center, Tuttofood 2017’s 320 events, cooking demonstrations, tastings and B2C meetings, part of the inaugural Milano Food City, attracted around 178,000 participants. Even with these impressive numbers, Milan’s food and drinks sector still experienced some market fluctuations between July 2017 and December 2022. Despite managing to reach its peak market capitalization of just under EUR 17 billion in December 2021, the subsequent years witnessed a significant decline. As of December 2022, the sector's market capitalization rested at only EUR 12.4 billion. Experts predict this to be a short-term issue and the market is expected to bounce in the following years.

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