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Freiburg, Germany
Mechanical Components, Tools, Hardware, Welding
FWTM GmbH & Co. KG
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Event website:
4 years

Discontinuation Notice

The organisers have opted to discontinue the organisation and hosting of the trade fair INTERBRUSH. They have undertaken this difficult decision after extensive and intense discussions with the event's leading companies and support organisations.

Presentation of the Event

Are you involved in the brush and paintbrush manufacturing? INTERBRUSH is where you have the perfect opportunity to learn the newest trends, buy the raw materials of highest quality, and break into new markets. Freiburg, Germany serves as the host and the program is scheduled for three days. There will be over 200 exhibitors and 7,000 guests, all competing for hotel offers for INTERBRUSH. However, you can get special offers right now with Trade Fair Trips Ltd. 

It takes you a single day to organize your stay in Freiburg when you have us to help you find the most convenient accommodation within your price range. A large database with all hotels and guesthouses we’ve ever worked with simplifies the search and allows us to pinpoint the most inexpensive option closes to the event and well-serviced by public transport. You save time and money better put into impressing during INTERBRUSH. This international trade fair serves as a launch pad for new products and gives you an in-depth view of the full supply chain.

Increase your chances at success during INTERBRUSH with Trade Fair Trips Ltd by your side.

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