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MSV - International Engineering Trade Fair

MSV - International Engineering Trade Fair

Brno ,Czech Republic
Mechanical Components, Tools, Hardware, Welding
Organizer :
BVV Trade Fairs Brno
1 year


MSV Brno or simply referred to as MSV is an international exhibition specialized within industrial machinery and mechanical, electrical and precision engineering. It has been going on since 1959 and its 60-year history has managed to position itself centrally for the entire sector to the point it’s called the number one exhibition of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. MSV Brno unites all the local markets and creates economic bridges with the rest of the European continent. Another highly important thing to highlight is that the exhibition fully integrates a variety of products so cross sales are more than possible. The product profile extends to ecological technology, electronics, bonding of metals, ceramic engineering, materials for mechanical engineering, rubber technology, surface finishing, heavy-current electrical engineering, hydraulics, chemical industry and cooling technology. Exhibitors value MSV Brno as it’s valuable as a procurement platform and a source for the of-the-moment advancements and industry news.


MSV Brno, as a major international engineering fair, occurs on an annual basis in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, and editions usually fall within the start of October. The event runs for a total of five days and shares the stage at the Brno Exhibition Centre with several other related trade shows. The list includes Automtizace, Envitech, WELDING, FOND-EX, PLASTEX, PROFINTECH and IMT. BVV Trade Fairs Brno serves as the official organiser of the exhibition and doors are open for both professionals and the general public. Opening hours are from 09:00 am in the morning up to 18:00 pm in the afternoon, while the last day concludes at 16:00 pm. Brno Exhibition Centre is centrally located in Brno and there are several options to get to the exhibition grounds – there’s the tram (line 1) and buses (lines 44 and 84). They run frequently throughout the day so you have an easy commute ahead.

What Are People Saying?

“The fair is an opportunity for us to present ABB and our partners’ projects. Concerning visitor participation at our stand, we estimate that this year’s number and ratio of existing clients to new customers will be at least the same as last year,” – ABB, Julius Bělička, Commercial Director;

“We returned to the Brno Exhibition Centre 25 years after Bill Gates had personally visited Invex, but this time as a partner for the Czech industry, where Microsoft is now far stronger than in end user devices and systems,” – Microsoft, Dalibor Kačmář, Director of Microsoft Partner Division for the Czech Republic and Slovakia;

“MSV continues to be the most important engineering exhibition in the region of Central Europe. It enables exhibitors to present new products of their manufacturing programme to the wide professional public and at the same time it offers an opportunity to meet the most significant leaders of the engineering industry from the whole world to those interested in the exhibition,” - Jan Rýdl, President of the Association of the Engineering Technology

Audience & Statistics

MSV stands out as a major meeting point for professionals in industrial machinery and engineering as last edition saw some 1660 exhibitors demonstrate products and technological processes in a thriving environment. Organisers report that visitors reached 80,000 and counting. Breaking down these numbers based on nationality we see that exhibitors are widely international with more than half coming from outside the Czech Republic. The audience is predominantly Czech with only 10% being foreign nationals. The most typical positions that visitors work in include engineer, CEO, proprietor, sales manager and general manager. The types of exhibitors to attend are usually dealers, manufactures, associations and participating organisations. The countries, which have a sizeable presence, include Germany, Slovakia, China, Italy, India, Austria, Russia, Taiwan, Poland and Switzerland.


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