FIA Lisboa
FIA Lisboa

FIA Lisboa

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FIA LISBOA – Feira Internacional do Artesanato

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FIA Lisboa

Past Editions

27 Jun - 5 Jul FIA LISBOA 2015

25 Jun - 3 Jul FIA LISBOA 2016

25 Jun - 2 Jul FIA LISBOA 2017

23 Jun - 1 Jul FIA LISBOA 2018

29 Jun - 7 Jul FIA Lisboa 2019

27 Jun - 5 Jul FIA Lisboa 2020

Portugal hosts an international exhibition, which will appeal to all artistic personas – the FIA Lisboa, which is as much a commercial event of arts and crafts as it is a lively celebration of local cultures. If you’re interested in attending, turn to Trade Fair Trips ltd to plan your business trip. We have some special deals you simply can’t refuse. 
Do you seek custom hotel offers for FIA Lisboa? You’ve come to the right place. At Trade Fair Trips ltd, we are customer-focused and tailor our services to your needs. Whether you seek hotels close to the exhibition or wish to see more of the city, we can deliver. Tell us your budget and wait for a day to receive your offers. Trade Fair Trips ltd works with you to create a relaxed exhibition experience, given how FIA Lisboa is all about celebrating cultures. A quick note on what you’ll find in the exhibition spaces - traditional handcrafts, textile art, plant matter working, handmade food items and ceramic works.

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