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Bologna, Italy
Art and Antiques
Bologna Fiere
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Event website:
1 year

Covid-19 Event Update

The 2023 edition of ARTEFIERA will be hosted from 03.02.2023 to 05.02.2023. On 02.02.2023 there will be an invitation-only preview of the latest masterpieces the exhibitors will offer during the event. The face-to-face trade fair will take place at the Bologna Fiera in Italy. The venue will not implement stringent Covid-19 prevention measures for the time being due to the removal of the related domestic measures. Italy's government has opted for such a change due to the improving pandemic situation, which has also resulted in the lifting of the travel limitations. As a result, attendees will not be required to show upon arrival 3G entry documents.

ARTEFIERA Introduction

The Italian city of Bologna will be the place where many professional artists and experts in the field of photography will show their latest work. The reason for this is Arte Fiera, a premier event that will give every visitor the chance to see handmade products, handcrafts, gifts, sculptures, and other interesting products. At the galleries of this event, you will have the chance to meet many potential buyers among the 31,000 expected visitors. The main sectors of the fair include:

  • Modern and contemporary art
  • Photography
  • Publishing
  • Bookshops
  • Art magazines

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Previous Editions

2022 Edition

The 45th edition of ARTEFIERA occurred as a live event between 13.05.2022 and 15.05.2022 in Bologna Fiera. It signified the successful restart of the event after a 3-year pause caused by Covid-19. The venue did not feature strict Covid-19 safety measures due to the country to lifting its domestic restrictions. A total of 142 galleries and 20,000 visitors attended the 45th edition. 

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