Progressive Greetings LIVE
Progressive Greetings LIVE

Progressive Greetings LIVE

New Date
27 Jul 2022 - 28 Jul 2022
UK , London

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Max Publishing


1 year

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Progressive Greetings LIVE serves as the single specialist international trade show for the greetings and greeting card industry, which sees attendance from 40 countries and counting. It’s the most anticipated event all year round, this year the activities take the span of two days. Don’t miss out on learning the latest news and get special offers on your accommodation courtesy of Trade Fair Trips ltd. 

Trade Fair Trips ltd is a veteran in organizing business trips and can locate the best hotel deals for Progressive Greetings LIVE in a single day. We work close with you to get a detailed estimation to what you seek in a hotel and run through our database to create a list of custom hotel offers. You can seek out accommodation close to the exhibition grounds or in a residential area with good transport connections. The right hotel room ensures you’re rested in the morning and on time to participate fully in the event, where you’ll find all the product categories from boutique card designs to green options. 

Trade Fair Trips ltd takes the brunt of your travel arrangements so you can focus on the work!

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