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unique 4+1

unique 4+1

Leipzig, Germany
Gifts & Souvenirs, Handicraft, Glassware, Ceramics
Leipziger Messe
Event website
Event website:
unique 4+1
1 year

Cancellation Update: Unique 4+1 2021 edition has been cancelled. The event will be hosted at Leipziger Messe in 2022 between the 3rd and 5th of September. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the event format.

Unique 4+1 unifies several industries together that are tied together in the making of advertisements and promotional materials. The purpose is to showcase the latest solutions and innovations in the entire spectrum from advertising technology to engraving technology. Held in Leipzig, Germany, this international trade fair features international exhibitors and an ever-growing audience reaching in the thousands. Consider booking accommodation for unique 4+1 as soon as today before prices hike up. Trade Fair Trips ltd can help you greatly when it comes to the booking process.

The key to a successful business trip is to get the best discount rates for fair hotels in addition to superior location. You can achieve this with hard work and effort on your own, but you do not have to, because Trade Fair Trips ltd can do all this in a single business day. Knowing your budget and preferences allows us to send you a bespoke list with ideal choices. All you have to do is pick one! Free your time to prepare your stand. unique 4+1 gives you the chance to keep up with trends in advertisement, seek out collaborators and improve on your skills and product by participating in the conference.

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