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Wiesbaden ,Germany
Books, Paper, Printing, Graphic Design
Organizer :
Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Event website
Event website :
1 year

Update for the Event

The 2023 edition of ZELLCHEMING-Expo will take place between June 20th and June 22nd, 2023. The RheinMain Congress Center will be the venue for the event. Germany currently does not have national or travel restrictions in place. This is because the country repealed its related policies in April and June 2022. Attendees will not be required to observe rigorous safety measures because of such changes. Presentation of 3G admission documentation is one example.

Presentation of the Event

ZELLCHEMING-Expo puts on display only the best products for the pulp and paper industry, introduces the trends that will gain traction and fosters business partnerships.

The international exhibition takes the stage in Germany, for a dynamic three-day show. Organizers estimate around 150 exhibitors and 1800 trade visitors will go.

Avoid the rush for accommodation for ZELLCHEMING-Expo and hire Trade Fair Trips ltd.

Trade Fair Trips ltd is the easiest means to get special offers for hotels during the event and save your budget from titanic rates.

Our team has grown a large database of hotels in the city and surrounding area, so it’s easy for us to locate the establishments that fit your taste and financial ability.

We factor in distance and public transport in our choices. ZELLCHEMING-Expo serves mostly as a B2B event where purchases are made, sales leads generated and partnerships made or strengthened.

However, there’s also a sense of community. Mr. Lo's Papershow is scheduled right after the exhibition as an after-celebration.

Grow your influence at ZELLCHEMING-Expo with help from Trade Fair Trips ltd!

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How to get to ZELLCHEMING-Expo
On foot
On foot:

Frankfurt Airport – Not Advisable

Wiesbaden Hbf – Via Friedrich-Ebert-Alle, 9 mins

By car
By car:

Frankfurt Airport – Via A3, 23 mins

Wiesbaden Hbf – Via Bahnhofstrasse, 4 mins

By public transport
By public transport:

Frankfurt Airport – Via transport ICE1558, 43 mins

Wiesbaden Hbf – Not available

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