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TC - Tourism & Caravaning International is the perfect place, for anyone that likes to travel or wants to meet exhibitors and other guests with the same passion. Founded in 1990, this international trade fair provides entertainment and useful traveling information for every visitor to take advantage of.

Approximately 1,000 associations, clubs, and companies from over 35 counties will exhibit are expected at the event. Last year, more than 67,000 visitors took part in the event. This year, organizers expect even bigger crowd. So, be sure this event will open a door for your business to expand, if you are willing to put the effort in communicating and sharing your ideas to the public.

Allow us to share with you the key areas at TC - Tourism & Caravaning International:

  • Camping & caravanning
  • Cycling & triathlon
  • Worldwide destinations for tourism
  • Entertainment: music & tombola on stage, cinema, and much more

Visit TC, and give yourself the chance to learn about destinations that you have never visited before. Everything starts with you booking a hotel for your trip to Germany. Trade Fair Trips Ltd has great history with clients that have visited this and many other fairs worldwide.  Our agents will find you a hotel room that will suit all your requirements.

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