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Rimini ,Italy
Children Toys & Games
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Rimini Fiera S.p.A.
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Event website :
1 year

Receive up-to-date information about market trends in the amusement and gaming sectors at ENADA SPRING – an international trade show with a wide reach and scope. The event returns with an improved concept and programming. Attendance stands at over 25,000 trade visitors, all clamoring to see the latest in slot machines, billiards, coin-operated games and more. Don’t be left out when it comes to hotel accommodation and consult with Trade Fair Trips ltd for a stay at competitive rates.

Your budget no longer has to suffer when you go on a business trip abroad when you have the competent experts of Trade Fair Trips ltd by your side. We have streamlined the reservation process in its entirety so you have to do nothing. Using your budget size and location choice, we locate the best hotel deals for ENADA SPRING and them to you the very next day. With all that done, you can focus on the programming at ENADA SPRING, which in addition to product presentations boasts networking events, debates and some heated tournaments like the Spring Pinball Tournament, Darts Tournament and Table Football Doubles Tournament.

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