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IRMA Hamburg

IRMA Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany
Health Professionals, Medical Equipment and Technologies
Escales GmbH
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IRMA Hamburg
1 year

Update for the Event

IRMA Hamburg's 2023 edition will take place as a live trade fair between 20.06.2023 and 22.06.2023 at Messe Hamburg. The venue will not feature a comprehensive coronavirus safety plan, since Germany has lifted its national Covid-19 limitations in April 2022. Attendees will be asked to follow guidelines such as performing hand disinfection as often as necessary. Attendees are not required to show 3G entrance documents upon arrival in Germany. However, if they are travelling from a virus variant area of concern, they will be quarantined for 14 days.
At the moment, the government does not consider any country to be an area of concern.


Germany has an especially well-developed industry surrounding rehabilitation, mobility and old age care. It’s not surprising that there’s a specialty fair that services the audience whose lives fully depend on aids, wheelchairs and other special vehicles. IRMA Hamburg exists as a meeting point for operators in the industry to service the needs of the North of Germany. The trade fair has been a recent edition to the mobility landscape with the very first edition held in 2012 in Hamburg and since then has been consistently growing. Visitors will discover an extensive portfolio aimed at all possible health needs. Product categories on display include utility vehicles, vans, walkers, access aids, electric bikes, hand cycles, ramps, RVs, scooters, swivel seats, wheelchair loading systems, hospital beds, power wheelchairs and specialized bicycles among others. IRMA Hamburg enjoys a great success, because it not only showcases quality products but also educates its audience on the full breadth of options available to them.


IRMA oscillates between two cities in Northern Germany – Hamburg and Bremen. This makes the IRMA Hamburg edition a biennial event that is put together at Messe Hamburg over the course of three days in total. Escales-Verlag functions as the official organiser and welcomes the public in late May to survey the full breadth of aid and mobility products. The low cost per ticket makes the event popular with the core audience. Working hours are from 10:00 am until 18:00 pm except for the third day, which concludes an hour early. Accessibility is a key factor and there’s a lot of available parking for visitors with limited mobility and Messe Hamburg enjoys excellent access to public transportation. Aside from the numerous bus lines, you have stations connecting to the city’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn services, which gives you plenty of options for your commute.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • IRMA Hamburg promotes a healthy mix of end consumers and professional visitors, as we will discuss below, and this further enhances exhibitors’ positions in the markets. There’s a real opportunity to understand their target audience better and grow their client list;
  • IRMA Hamburg is all about furthering technological advances in rehabilitation, aids and mobility. Exhibitors often debut the latest models of equipment and services, which often feature cutting-edge medical technology only now becoming available.
  • IRMA Hamburg promotes interaction with products and exhibitors will be able to not only display their products statically, but also put them to the test. The show floor is outfitted with a parkour area with tracks meant for hand bikes, electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Audience & Statistics

As is typical for regional events, there are roughly 130 exhibitors who partake at IRMA Hamburg, but they are not only German companies but come from all over the world. In turn, the audience has reached a great scale – over 12,000 visitors per edition. The majority of these visitors come from Northern Germany, with up to 70% of visitors polled stating personal reasons to attend. These are the end consumers who come to consult themselves on options and make purchases. In addition to adults and the elderly, there’s a variation in age, with schoolchildren and students also present. In terms of professional capacity, there are community service providers, trainees, representatives of hospitals, clinics, authorities, medical practices, schools, clubs, associations, payers and specialist retailers. This gives exhibitors a solid number of revenue streams to pursue and gain a better sense of the market.


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Previous Editions

Edition 2022

The 2022 edition of IRMA Hamburg was held between 05.05.2022 and 07.05.2022 as a face-to-face trade show that featured over 130 exhibitors. The hosting location for the event was Messe Hamburg. The venue did not implement strict Covid-19 prevention measures due to the country lifting its related restrictions in April 2022.


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35 mins when travelling from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


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23 mins when travelling from Hamburg Airport

7 mins when travelling from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)


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