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Verona ,Italy
Metal Working Industries
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Metef Srl.
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Event website :
3 years

METEF gives visitors an in-depth 360-degree look into the current trends, technologies and forces in the metalworking industry, specializing in the needs of the aluminium industry. The upcoming edition is set to bring in over 400 exhibitors and more than 10,000 trade visitors. That’s your cue to find hotels at reasonable rates and the best place to find them is at Trade Fair Trips ltd.

Curate offers for METEF and select the best one without actually having to spend hours upon hours comparing prices, researching locations on maps and public transport. Trade Fair Trips ltd does all this for you and we do it fast – it takes us a single working day to come up with the ideal fits based on your budget. You end up saving a lot of money, which is better put to use during METEF, where you’ve a full representation of the entire value chain from raw materials, processing, machining and technologies to machinery and plants, products and applications. 

Make business travel a simple task with the services of Trade Fair Trips ltd. 

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