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Bremen, Germany
Tourism, Restaurant, Catering & Hospitality Industries, Incentive Travel
Messe Bremen
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1 year

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REISELUST's 2023 edition will take place at Messe Bremen as a face-to-face trade fair between 03.11.2023 and 05.11.2023. The host venue will not have the latest and strict Covid-19 safety measures in place. This is due to Germany removing its pandemic-related limitations, including the ones affecting international travel.

REISELUST Introduction

REISELUST presents travel agencies, operators, and resorts to attract fresh revenue as part of this international trade fair dedicated to the simplest forms of tourism – vacations! The event will be hosted in the charming town of Bremen, Germany to put visitors in the mood for travel. Be sure to organize your business trip early on and get the best discount rates for fair hotels from Trade Fair Trips ltd!

The first step to a successful trip is to book the right accommodation for REISELUST – a task best suited to the veteran team at Trade Fair Trips Ltd. It’s something we’ve done for years, and we have the connections to prove it. What we need to know from you is the price category for your accommodation, the number of travellers and choice in location. The very next day you’re presented with hand-picked deals! Now you can focus on achieving your goal for REISELUST. The event might be focused on helping visitors pick new destinations, but gives you an in-depth overview of courses and clubs, resorts, fashion, health, and wellness among others!

REISELUST Past Editions

Edition 2021

REISELUST's 2021 edition took place at Messe Bremen as a live exhibition between 05.11.2021 and 07.11.2021. The host venue featured the most recent Covid-19 safety measures in place, including a strict 3G entry policy. Attendants were required to show before entry documents such as negative test results. The edition received around 30,000 trade visitors and 305 exhibitors. 

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How to get to REISELUST
On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Bremen Airport (BRE)

10 mins when travelling from Bremen Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By car
By car:

10 minutes when travelling from Bremen Airport (BRE)

2 mins when travelling from Bremen Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

By public transport
By public transport:

36 mins when travelling from Bremen Airport (BRE)

5 mins when travelling from Bremen Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)

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