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Poznań, Poland
Architecture, Building, Construction, Urban Equipment
Poznan International Fair Ltd.
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1 year

BUDMA & Covid-19

BUDMA's 31st edition will take place between 31.01.2023 and 03.02.2023. The event will be in a person-to-person format. Organisers have assured that an extensive COVID-19 safety plan will be implemented at the Poznań International Fair. This will include safeguards such as the 3G entrance regulation. As per this rule, attendees must show before accessing the venue documents such as negative test results. Due to the implemented travel restrictions, attendants must also present such papers upon arrival in Poland.  

BUDMA Introduction

BUDMA has risen to the top as a defining international trade fair dedicated to the needs and wants of the construction and architecture sector in Eastern Europe. Numbers as always are impressive with over 800 exhibitors showcasing products, tools and materials in front of 45,000 trade visitors. To avoid the rush for hotels at reasonable rates, hire Trade Fair Trips ltd to take over your travel arrangements. 

BUDMA is where big business is done. Architects, developers, investors, contractors and traders meet to launch new projects, research market trends, close in deals and improve their knowledge and skills.

Apart from the marketplace, the fair features interactive meeting with assemblers, distributors and end users, workshops and several competitions, which you can use to gain reputation.

The right accommodation for BUDMA is essential and Trade Fair Trips ltd tailors your stay so that you’re near the action and cut down on expenses.

You dictate the process, and we present you with the most affordable options with your price range. With our service, you gain a strategic location and can invest more in your stands.

Information Regarding BUDMA's Previous Renditions

Edition 2022 

BUDMA's 2022 edition featured more than 1000 participants including over 350 exhibitors. The edition which marked the 30th anniversary of the event was held as a face-to-face exhibition. The Poznań International Fair in Poland served as the hosting location for the trade fair. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the venue feature safety measures such as social distancing protocols. 

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