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Istanbul, Turkey
Architecture, Building, Construction, Urban Equipment
Deutsche Messe AG
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2 years

The Latest News Concerning ISK-SODEX

ISK-SODEX 2023 will take place as a face-to-face trade fair between 25.10.2023-28.10.2023. The hosting location for the event will be the TUYAP Exhibition Center in Istanbul, Turkey. The venue will have the latest Covid-19 safety measures in place. This will include attendees having to maintain a specified social distance and to wear face masks. Upon arrival in the country, participants will be subjected to a temperature check. 

Presentation of the Event

Does your business revolve around refrigeration, valves and pumps? You stand to gain a lot in the long run by attending ISK - SODEX – an international exhibition hosted in Istanbul, Turkey. There’s not much time left and prices for rooms are steadily rising, but it’s easy to find hotels at reasonable rates when you have Trade Fair Trips ltd in charge of your travel arrangements.

It takes countless hours to compare rates and find the most inexpensive alternative when it comes to your accommodation for ISK - SODEX. Trade Fair Trips ltd operates with an extensive database with hotels and guesthouses and our team is able to cross-reference all the current deals in a single day. In the end, you receive a comprehensive list of offers within your selected price range. This frees up resources better used for ISK - SODEX, which is highly dynamic for both exhibitors and guests. You’ll see technological advancements in action and catch wind of the trends forming in the moment.

Have a productive time at ISK - SODEX in a relaxed atmosphere courtesy of Trade Fair Trips ltd.

Past Editions

2021 Edition

The 2021 edition of ISK-SODEX took place as a face-to-face exhibition between 29.09.2021 and 2.10.2021. The 2021 rendition's main theme was healthy air conditioning solutions. It received its inspiration from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The mentioned pandemic also warranted the necessity for the venue to include strict prevention measures. Among them were attendants needing to show health certificates and a continuous supply of external air. The 2021 edition of  ISK-SODEX represented 95 countries via its 812 exhibitors and 86.217 trade visitors. ISK-SODEX marked the successful restart of the industry for Eurasia.

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How to get to ISK - SODEX
On foot
On foot:

Not advisable when travelling from Istanbul Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal

By car
By car:

45 mins when travelling from the Istanbul Airport

25 mins when travelling from Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal

By public transport
By public transport:

Not advisable when travelling from Istanbul Airport

Not advisable when travelling from Istanbul Otogar Bus Terminal

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