War and Peace Revival
War and Peace Revival

War and Peace Revival

New Dates
27 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021
UK , Kent

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War & Peace


1 year

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Past Editions

28 Jul - 1 Aug War and Peace Revival 2020


The War and Peace Revival holds the distinction of being the biggest military vehicle show in the entire world and that’s including the additions of militaria collectors fair as well as living history re-enactments from the First World War alongside other conflict. The military show and festival, previously known as the War and Peace Show, helps history come alive through its deep dive into life during war time and live demonstrations of military vehicles. The showgrounds are taken over by tanks, armoured personnel carriers, armoured cars, amphibious vehicles, motorcycles, as well as light, medium and heavy military wheeled vehicles. The biggest contributions come from the two most significant collections, The Wheatcroft Collection and the Jon Phillips Armor Collection. Aside from exhibits and trade stalls, visitors can fully immerse themselves into historical events through different re-enactors that mark key moments of 20th century military history. 


The War and Peace Revival is an annual event, which is held at the height of summer. Editions are staged in late July through to early August on some occasions and last for five days in total. The doors are open to anyone from families with children to collectors and reenactors. The organizer of the show is War & Peace and Hop Farm Family Park in Paddock Wood, Kent, 40 miles from central London is where activities take place. Working hours are scheduled from 09:00 am in the morning until 18:00 pm in the afternoon, though live entertainment may have its separate hours. The Hop Farm is accessible by car through the A228, railway with a train station at Paddock Wood and bus that stops directly at the showgrounds. For those who’ve opted to arrive via train, there’s a shuttle bus scheduled to run from Paddock Wood Train Station to the Hop Farm free of charge during the entire day. 

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor 

  • The War and Peace Revival is more than just a live demos and history lessons. It aims to bring in live entertainment and lots of opportunities for engagement, which means that you benefit from a steady stream of visitors; 
  • The War and Peace Revival takes up a significant portion of the Hop Farm, which gives exhibitors the necessary space to showcase their wares and enjoy greater attention; 
  • The attention to detail in regards to live during wartime 20th century is only reaffirmed via the inclusion of a WVS canteen, a miniature steam railway and a Pub.

Audience & Statistics 

The War and Peace Revival exists as a mix between a re-enactment festival and exhibition space for historical military vehicles and editions regularly collects roughly 4000 vehicles in Hop Farm at one time. It’s the perfect driving force that attracts visitors and the numbers continue to grow at a steady place with editions registering 100,000 visitors on average. The War and Peace Revival has a special place in the hearts of history and military buffs, families with children who take keen interest in life during that era, modelers, collectors and shoppers who are looking for artifacts and all manner of memorabilia. Immersion is a big aspect of the show and organisers deliver through the inclusion of boutiques, hair salons and vintage barbers at Vintage Village, where patrons can get historically accurate makeovers, which makes visitors look like they’ve stepped back through time. As you can see, The War and Peace Revival is the perfect opportunity for a lot of exhibitors to get their name known in the specialty fields. 


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