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Offenburg, Germany
Energy Production, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Energy efficient
Messe Offenburg-Ortenau
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Event website:
1 year

Update for the Event

GEOTHERM 2023 will be held as a live trade show from March 2nd to March 3rd, 2023. The trade fair will be held at Messe Offenburg-Ortenau. The venue will not feature strict Covid-19 prevention measures due to Germany removing its national restrictions in April 2022. Attendees should note that currently they will not be asked to show 3G entry documents upon arrival in Germany. Yet, if they arrive from a virus area of concern, they will have to quarantine for 14 days. At present, there are no areas with such a designation.

Presentation of the Event

GEOTHERM takes on the most crucial challenges facing the geothermal energy sector and strives to offer cutting-edge solutions, while simultaneously presenting the latest news, technological innovation and breakthroughs. The international exhibition will carry out over the course of two days in Germany. Expectations are for over 180 exhibitors and 3500 trade visitors to participate. The event might be ways off, but not is the time to book hotels at reasonable rates. Give Trade Fair Trips ltd a call now, and we will take care of every detail!

It takes you a single day to arrive at the best hotel deals for GEOTHERM, when Trade Fair Trips ltd is on the case. We compile a list of hand-picked hotel deals that fit your criteria, and you simply have to make a decision. Organizing a business trip has never been simpler or easier. With accommodation already sorted, you can invest all your resources into your visit to GEOTHERM, where business and politics, science and industry partner together for a better tomorrow. The European Geothermal Innovation Award is a definite highlight, which honors innovation and sustainability. 

Make a strong impression at GEOTHERM with Trade Fair Trips ltd by your side.

Previous Renditions

Edition 2022

Messe Offenburg-Ortenau held the 2022 edition of GEOTHERM from June 2nd to June 3rd, 2022. The event attracted 153 exhibiting companies and 3,537 trade visitors. The venue did not have rigorous Covid-19 safety precautions in place due to the removal of national limitations in April 2022.

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