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Offshore Energy Amsterdam

Offshore Energy Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Energy Production, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies, Energy efficient
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Offshore Energy Amsterdam
1 year

Latest News on Offshore Energy Amsterdam

Offshore Energy Amsterdam 2022 will occur as a live exhibition between 29.11.2022 and 30.11.2022 at the Amsterdam RAI. The hosting location for the fair will have the latest Covid-19 prevention measures in place. At present, organisers are discussing the eventual safeguards will one of the possible measures being the 3G entry policy. Should the precaution be implemented, attendees will have to present documents such as immunisation passports before entry. Because of the instated travel bans, attendees need to present such paperwork upon arrival in the Netherlands as well. 


Since its foundation in 2008, Offshore Energy Amsterdam (sometimes just referred to as Offshore Europe) has been the event that gathers thousands of professionals, who want to stay at the cusp of true innovation in offshore drilling and construction. The international trade fair is a fit for any company involved in the industry in no small part to the commitment of fresh players – one of the main attractions is the Start-up Zone. Offshore Energy Amsterdam appeals to all the central actors on the stage as it is a massive procurement platform that works with the entire breadth of product categories. The portfolio extends towards offshore wind turbines, tidal power, dredging, well drilling and offshore services. As a result, you will be able to generate sales leads and keep up with industry news, policies, and breakthroughs.


Offshore Energy Amsterdam is an annual trade fair, which is among one of the major events in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Editions are reserved for mid-autumn, usually at the end of October and last for three days total – two days for the fair and three for the conference. Both take place within the halls of Amsterdam RAI and are organised by NAVINGO BV. The hours for the trade fair are from 09:30 am until 18:00 pm. The conference begins at 09:30 am on the first day and then an hour earlier the next two. It ends at 17:30 pm on the first day and at 18:00 pm on the latter two. You are not going to find an easier city to commute through. Amsterdam offers reliable and speedy transportation, and visitors can opt to simply walk, rent a bike or an e-scooter!

What Can You Expect as an Exhibitor?

Energy Transition is the name of the game. Offshore Energy Amsterdam gives its visitors detailed information on the state of the market, next steps and boldly takes on the toughest challenges of the day. It also offers an opportunity to gain recognition and further influence through participation at the Offshore Energy Awards.

With an advanced matchmaking program and a start-up zone, you are sure to be visible to your intended audience and quickly get a return on your investment. The Offshore Energy Amsterdam is often called the unifying point for the industry and that is true – if you want to grow your international reach and register profits, this is where you need to be.

Audience & Statistics

Shell, Neptune Energy, Van Oord, Boskalis, Orsted, Vattenfall, DEME Offshore, Damen, Royal IHC, Vroon and HSM – these are all significant names in the industry. They will be looking to see what new services and solutions the 550 exhibitors will be presenting. Organisers expect the halls to fill with 10,000 professional visitors, which represent sixty countries. The Offshore Energy Amsterdam fair and conference is a European-focused event, which is where most markets will be from. Exhibitors are still a Dutch majority with 75% of all exhibitors being local. The audience extends to well-seasoned senior executives of big companies and the next generation of professionals coming up, whether they are just entering the industry or are still pursuing their higher education. We also cannot discount the presence of thought leaders, experts, and scientists who make the journey to take part and visit the conference.


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