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OUTDOOR promises to be a natural centre for trends concerning the outdoor lifestyle, which has grown outside a market and become a way of life for many people. It’s why Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH has taken upon themselves to organize this new event that focuses on specialty retailers to tackle the entire spectrum of sports goods, outdoor equipment, clothes and accessories. The international exhibition attracts close to 1000 exhibitors


The event is going to be an annual occurrence at Messe Friedrichshafen in September that lasts three days in total. Doors welcome trade visitors from 09:00 h until 18:00 h with only the first day having a late start noon. OUTDOOR is designed to promote the latest trends across multiple product categories and build an in-depth understanding of current trends and customer demands on the market.

Audience and Statistics

What creates a positive outlook towards the success of OUTDOOR is the location. Friedrichshafen finds itself right in the middle of the D-A-CH regions, which is where Germany, Austria and Switzerland all meet. This is important, because all three regions are characterized by a population interested in hiking, camping, sports and adventures in the wild. Naturally, this makes it the best location for specialty brands to exhibit. Organisers have confirmed that the product lineup is going to go above and beyond in terms of diversity with rescue techniques and equipment, navigation systems, tents, camping equipment, care products, hiking gear, sleeping bags, water sports, climbing equipment, backpacks and so much more.

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