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AutoTronics Taipei

AutoTronics Taipei

Taipei ,Taiwan
Electronics, Real Time & Embedded Systems
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AutoTronics Taipei
1 year

AutoTronics Taipei showcases a wide range of automobile electronics and related products from numerous countries. The international exhibition values innovation, efficiency and sustainability with over 1200 exhibitors. Right now, Trade Fair Trips ltd has several promotions for hotels available at competitive rates. Beat the competition for competition early on and focus on your attendance!

Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to make travelling on business an accessible and convenient thing with our adjustable service. You get the best hotel deals for AutoTronics Taipei in a single business day and all you have to do is tell us your price range, how many rooms you need and where you want to be located. We’ve options directly opposite the exhibition space as well as quaint establishments with direct public transport connections. AutoTronics Taipei boasts a wide range of product groups including auto parts, accessories, engine parts, restyling solutions and electronic products. In addition, the program features a pre-show press conference that gets a lot of attention and the Innovation Awards Display.

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