Automotive Testing Expo Europe
Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Automotive Testing Expo Europe

Germany , Stuttgart

Automotive Testing Expo Europe is an international trade fair for the automotive industry. If you are an automotive professional who wants to keep abreast of electrification, CO2 savings, weight reduction and other major issues that determine current and future automotive development, as well as learn about the latest concepts, trends and innovations in the industry, Automotive Testing Expo Europe is a must-attend event for you.

Product range at the exhibition includes:

  • Automotive Components;
  • Automotive Production Facilities and Line components;
  • Hardware and Software for construction and development;
  • Materials and Semi-finished products;
  • Forming and Shaping technology;
  • Joining Technology;
  • Surface Technology;
  • Quality Assurance/Testing and Measurement Technology;
  • Engineering services.

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