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Inter airport China

Inter airport China

Guangzhou, China
Aerospace, Airport Technology
Reed Exhibitions
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Inter airport China
1 year

Coronavirus impact on inter airport China

Inter airport China will be hosted as a face-to-face event with strict Covid-19 safety measures at new rescheduled dates. Organisers will hold the rendition between 09.03.2023 and 11.03.2023 at the Canton Fair Complex. The safety measures will include attendees needing to wear PPE as surgical masks. They also have to present before entry documentation such as proof of recovery. Visitors will have to submit a negative test document 48 hours before departure to China. This is due to the current travel restrictions, which also include a mandatory 5-day centralised and 3-day home quarantine period.

Inter airport China in brief

Inter airport China takes place at the China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) or at the Canton Fair Complex. Reed Exhibitions organises the biannual event. It features over 5,000 participants and attracts several industries. This is due to the trade show enabling them to complete several vital goals. These include networking, over-viewing markets, gaining recognition and expanding their knowledge.

Who attends inter airport China?

Inter airport China attracts a broad range of participants from various industries. This includes aviation, engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting professionals. Specialists from the contracting, leisure, retail, travel and catering industries also attend. So do maintenance, service, ground handling, and design experts. Airline, cargo, airport managers and government officials additionally attend the event.
Among the most well-known companies that attend are:
  • China West Airport Group
  • Yunnan Airport Group
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Air China
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Guangdong Airport Authority
  • Sichuan Airport Group
  • Eastern Airports
  • Heilongjiang Airport Group
  • Shanghai Airport Authority
  • Capital Airport Holding Company

Inter airport China Highlights

Inter airport China enables the achievement of several business goals, such as evaluating competitors. Attendees can also expand their expert knowledge on industry-related subjects. This is due to the event allowing them to study new practices. Participants can also earn recognition and extend their business networks.
Attendees can achieve these objectives by participating in the comprehensive support programme. The programme includes sub-events such as an extensive exhibition and various insightful forums. For start-ups and established businesses, the exposition is a must-attend sub-event. This is due to the several goals it can aid in completing. This includes participants being able to examine or present innovations. They also can overview the represented market segments. They can further gain recognition and network with potential suppliers. The exposition furthermore allows them to learn about new trends. It is divided into three sections, each with six to seven subsections. The sections and subsections are:
  • interDATA
    • Data Management Solutions/Systems
    • Passenger Management
    • Operations Management
    • AI
    • Business Management Services/Solutions
    • Infrastructure/Terminal Management
    • Air Traffic Management
  • interTERMINAL
    • Industry Services/Management
    • Terminal Facilities
    • Terminal Construction
    • Technical Installations
    • Architectural & Interior Design
    • Terminal Operations
  • interRAMP
    • Environmental Impact Management
    • Airfield Construction
    • (Airside) Technical Services/Systems
    • Technical Installations
    • Health & Safety
    • Ground Support Equipment/Services
The variety of forums included in the support programme is also a must-attend. This is due to the sub-events allowing attendees to expand their knowledge. They furthermore allow participants can network with other specialists and exchange ideas. The forums can aid in achieving such goals by providing insights on various topics and aspects. This includes exploring the latest best practices, procedures, and industry advancements. Also, it includes studying the most emerging industry challenges. This encompasses the ones associated with safety, ground operations, and air traffic management. Attendees can furthermore opt for taking part in a comprehensive matchmaking network. This programme enables the hosting and organisation of meetings with target participants. This includes local and international design institutions, airports, airlines, and airfield construction groups.
A diverse variety of professionals should consider attending inter airport China, including:
  • Airport managers and operatives
  • Airline representatives
  • Cargo carrier managers, owners, and specialists
  • Ground Handling specialists
  • Maintenance experts
  • Civil aviation authority/government representatives
  • Consulting/contracting specialists
  • Architecture/design experts
  • Air traffic control specialists
  • Military personnel
  • Members of the retail, catering, leisure, and travel industries

What type of audience attends inter airport China?

The total exhibition space of the inter airport China frequently exceeds 13,000 m2. It also attracts more than 5,000 visitors, with over 240 exhibitors. Among the 16 represented countries are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Japan, and Spain. They also include India, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, and the United States. South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada likewise attend.

Logistical details

Every two years, for three days, Inter Airport China takes place. The event is held at the CIEC or at the Canton Fair Complex, with Reed Exhibitions serving as the organiser. Participants can attend the fair from 9 am to 5 pm. The CIEC and Canton Fair Complex are well-served by public transport services venues. This includes interconnections between the sites and the main transport hubs. Among them are the cities' respective Central railway station and international airports. As a result, participants can save commuting time. The site, for example, is 28 minutes by taxi from the Beijing International Airport. Likewise, attendants can access the site in the same amount of time by metro or bus. The Beijing Railway Station is also accessible by car or public transportation. Participants can, for example, rent a car and arrive at the Station in 18 minutes. They can also use public transport to reach the locale in 60 minutes.
Beijing and Guangzhou, are among the most populous megacities. They are also metropolitan areas with a well-developed public transportation system. They have networks of interconnected train, bus, and metro routes. The metro is the most frequently used and recommended mode of transportation. This is due to their speed and availability. The metro lines also save time. Visitors can, for example, peruse the metro to reach the Daxing Airport from Beijing's city centre in 28 minutes. They can also use the mode to arrive at the Tiancun District from Songzhuangzhen in 68 minutes. The public transportation systems also have many intercity connections. This allows visitors to travel to urban centres like Langfang. The commuting time from Tianjin to Beijing, for example, is around 30 minutes. Similarly, travelling by train from Langfang to Beijing requires 23 minutes.
Beijing and Guangzhou are metropolises with a diverse range of dining and lodging options. This allows travellers to select options that suit their needs. For example, lodging options range from hotels and villas to apartments. Among them are alternatives like hostels, homestays, and guest houses. Such options are available in areas like the Chaoyang and Wangfujing districts. They are also available in nearby cities, such as Langfang and Tianjun. Restaurants, tea shops, and wineries are among the available dining options. So are snack shops, clubs, and family restaurants. The city offers a diverse range of cuisines, including regional specialities. Vegetarian and halal menus are also viable options.

How can Trade Fair Trips Ltd help you?

Trade Fair Trips Ltd can help with your travel arrangements. This is because of our extensive experience in arranging hotel accommodation. This will enable you to concentrate on conducting business at inter airport China. We guarantee you will receive some of the best hotel prices. This is because our reservation agents will provide you with excellent hotel offers. The location of your hotel is vital to the success of your business trip. This is why we concentrate on hotels near CIEC. We can also aid you in several other ways. This includes handling meeting facility reservations. Also, we have experience in coordinating the setup of trade show booths.

Inter airport China Past Editions

2018 Edition
The 2018 edition of inter airport China set a new attendance rate for the event. It attracted 4,314 trade visitors, a 22% increase compared to the previous edition. Also, the event received over 240 exhibitors, which compared to 2016, was a 19% increase. China, Germany, and the United States were among the 20 countries that attended the trade show.

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