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Basel, Switzerland
Food Processing, Packaging Industry
MCH Foire Suisse (Holding) SA
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2 years

When it comes to the meat industry, no other international exhibition is quite as popular or as comprehensive as Mefa. You’ve the entire value chain represented from raw materials to food production and sophisticated equipment. Close to 100 exhibitors are expected to rent booths in Basel, Switzerland for the full five days. Attendance is estimated to exceed 6000 professionals, so don’t delay on your hotel accommodation for Mefa and turn to Trade Fair Trips ltd for a good deal. 

Have an easier time locating hotels at reasonable rates that cater to your budget and leave all the work to Trade Fair Trips ltd. We have worked with start-ups, boutique companies as well as large brands, so we have awareness of hotels in every price category. Tell us your budget, how many rooms you want to book and where you want to stay. That’s all it takes and you’ll get a strategic edge at Mefa, whether you’re an exhibitor competing for direct sales or a professional looking for career development. Product categories on exhibit feature game, meat, poultry, showcases, refrigerators, spices, meat processing machinery, professional clothing, hygiene, cleaning and disposal.

Past Editions

2021 Edition

Mefa was held from November 20th to November 24th, 2021. The event took place at the Messe Basel in Basel, Switzerland, as a live exhibition. At the venue, strict Covid-19 prevention measures were implemented, including a 3G entry requirement. Around 70 exhibitors took part in the event.

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