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Cheshire County Show

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Cheshire County Show

North-Western England's premier agricultural event


As with most agricultural shows in England, the Cheshire County Show traces its history back to the Industrial Revolution as the very first edition took place in 1838, and it was organised by the 1st Viscount Combermere, Stapleton Cotton. The show is also known as Royal Cheshire Show. The reason for its creation was to ‘promote agriculture and encourage the industrious and moral habits of the labouring portion of the community,’ and in its close to two-century history, it has stayed true to its mission statement.

The Cheshire County Show highlights the best to come out of Cheshire’s countryside with an emphasis on locally grown and produced vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses and preserves. Artists and artisans display works of art in every medium, and machine manufacturers reveal the latest in farming and agricultural machinery. Because of its strong ties to farming, the show also serves as a platform for animal competitions for cattle, goats, dogs, sheep and horses.


The Cheshire County Show occupies two days at the end of June every year to showcase a variety of products and local entertainment acts to its audience. The countryside show, organised courtesy of the Cheshire Agricultural Society, is held on land west of Flittogate Lane in the Tabley area in Cheshire, England. If you’re driving in, the location is close to Knutsford on the A556, around 1.5 miles from Junction 19 of the M6.

There’s ample parking made available for drivers and if you’ve opted not to drive, there’s a bus service arranged to deliver visitors to the grounds from Knutsford and Hartford railway stations free of charge. Gates open at 08:00 am on both days and close at 18:00 pm, and tickets are available at full rate at any point during the day. The latest visitors can enter the show ground is 17:00 pm.

What You Can Expect as an Exhibitor

  • Exhibitors of farming and agricultural machinery will be pleased to know that there are a lot of serious buyers attending the show grounds. This is, in part, because of the presence of the National Farming Union, which hosts its own marquee for its members;
  • An expectation to reduce waste. The Cheshire County Show has successfully been on top of its goal to reduce waste reaching the landfill to 0 and organisers urge suppliers to adopt more sustainable approaches;
  • Excitement as the county show pulls all the stops with a Shetland pony race, quad bike stunts and monster trucks.

Audience & Statistics

The Cheshire County Show relies on a large network of sponsors to put on an amazing show every single year. The list includes The Great British Cheese, Cheshire East Council, Morrisons and SP Energy Networks among others. The show grounds feature 700 stands every year and there is no end to what one might discover, whether that’s agricultural tools and machinery to souvenirs and artwork.

What unites all exhibitors is the fact that they’re local to Cheshire and represent the very best of the countryside. The Cheshire County Show is also home to farmers and animal breeders, given the popularity of animal competitions. The show is recognised as having the largest light horse section at any county show in England, with 3,500 horses. It’s not surprising then that each edition manages to attract over 80,000 visitors from all over Cheshire and other neighbouring counties.


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Previous Editions

2022 Edition

The 184th of the Cheshire County Show coincided with Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee. The edition was hosted between 21.06.2022 and 22.06.2022 and received over 80,000 attendees. Among the highlights was the 70 Years of Agriculture.

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